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Stewards of Humanity

 By Lezah Young We are the stewards of humanity and parenting is the most important job on this planet! Our family of origin primarily dictates the type and quality of our emotional success. I don’t believe that money falls into the category of success even though our culture fosters this belief. Anyone can make money,… Read more »


By Lezah Young Relationships, with one’s self and others, can be a source of immense satisfaction, inclusive learning, and often a place of profound emotional depth as well as a deep, heart, expanding experience. I believe that the connection with one’s self, taking into consideration the fact that we’re fully programmed by our family of… Read more »

Sacred Change

Sacred Change By Lezah Young   The secret of relationships, I believe, is about knowing who you are from day one—knowing what happened to you after day one and how it is affecting you and others throughout your life into the now. I believe that most, if not all, of the reasons that we have… Read more »

I AMness

I AMness By Lezah Young I’m at a stage in my life at which, after many years of internally searching for the “real me,” I can say that I’ve found that seemingly nebulous “I AMness.” It’s my authentic self, or what I call my bigger self. This bigger self who I am aware of now… Read more »

Low Self-Esteem, Fear of Rejection, and Vulnerability

Fear and Self Esteem By Lezah Young For a time, low self-esteem and the fear of rejection stifled most of my actions. I had trouble taking emotional risks, such as extending myself to others. It was too scary to risk rejection, so I didn’t allow for much vulnerability, didn’t allow for much emotional risk taking.… Read more »

The Hidden Spell

Hidden Spell By Lezah Young Occasionally, I can work on a problem, an emotional issue, for extended periods. If I don’t get to the root, which usually resides in my childhood, it can take longer to uncover, accept, and change the behavior or thought pattern. I’ve learned over the years that when I get triggered—feeling… Read more »

A Bridge

By Lezah Young I thoroughly enjoy my work as an intuitive. Of all the intuitive sessions I’ve given in the last 30 years, I’d say families are the most interesting to me. I love witnessing the family dynamics at play on various levels. My investigative powers are triggered, prodded really, to expand to more intricate… Read more »

Our Heart

By Lezah Young I was 13 years old when I declared, quietly to myself, that I was born to learn about love. I knew that love was the source of all life. I knew this because I had always felt its power pulsating through my young body and through my innocent heart. Being an “empath”… Read more »

Honed Skills

Furthermore, as I age, and because Iâ??m more comfortable with my gifts, I notice that my skills are increasing. As a child I knew only how to sense peopleâ??s feelings, but now I can often hear their thoughts, and I can help them move unwanted energy…

The Glove – Nestled Within Our Bodies

I work with successful people who have hit difficult spots to work through their issues, find their path and move in the right direction to put the balance back in their lives. Be sure to visit Lezah Young’s website for more information.