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A Divine Void

A traditional Womenâ??s Sweat Lodge ceremony occurs every second Sunday of the month at Stewart Mineral Springs in the Mount Shasta foothills. Participation is free, but donations are suggested.

Dowsing to Get Rid of Bad Habits

Dowsing is simply the ability to connect to a higher state of guidanceâ??to ask questions and get answers. From a simplistic scientific perspective it is the ability to access information available through the right side of our brains.

The Respectful Revolution

No matter what our differences are, race, political affiliations, or religion, we all want and need to have respect. Read what Gerard Ungerman has to say about his new documentary where he asks people all across the country what RESPECT means.

Tis the Season for Bodywork

Every season brings with it some type of stress which is essentially "fight or flight." This is the time for bodywork and Tui Na is a valuable therapy offered by Anasuya in the Chico, CA area. It’s all about the flow of fluids and energy.

Autumn Is on Its Way! Season of the Metal Element

Autumn is the time of the metal element in Chinese cosmology. When we think of metal we often think of precious objects such as gold and silver. We are familiar with industrial metals such as steel that hold up buildings but what about our health?

Transformational Summer Festivals for 2012

"The ‘transformational festivals’ movement is a remarkably inspiring cultural phenomenon that has been growing for over fifteen years: Here is why this movement is so heartening and timely in today’s world."

The Respectful Revolution

Visit Facebook and stay in touch with Gerard Ungerma’s documentary in the making of what "respect" means to people all over the country.

How Do I Prepare for 2012?

As we are receiving more information on the end date of the Mayan Calendar, December 21, 2012, we are collectively realizing the profundity and the imminence of the grand opportunity that is before us.

Deconstructing Truth

What is truth? Can it even be known? Is it vain to assume that we could grasp it with the limited capacities of our human consciousness? Is the endless quest for truth actually just an attempt to relieve our anxieties about our own insignificance?

The Evolution of the Peace Sign

Every great social movement in history has had a symbol to mobilize the people, anti-war had the peace sign, now we need another sign to remind us that we are all in this together.