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The Heart Meditation

The world looks upside down. So many catastrophesâ??hurricanes, earthquakes, and so on. What is going on with our planet Earth? I like to believe that what is happening is something that is supposed to be.

What Am I Looking For?

"What am I looking for" and "Who am I" are probably the two most frequently asked questions among spiritual searchers. Of course we soon find that the answer to both questions is one and the same.

Sky Meditation

â??Open your mind. Allow your heart to be pierced by this divine arrow that will shatter every definition of yourself. Allow yourself to be empty, nothing, nobody. Allow yourself the sweet bewilderment in God.

An interview with Marianna Love

For our first article in "Lotus Arts," we feel fortunate to have met Marianna Love, a member of our community for many years.

Guardians of Our Children

We are the guardians of our society. What does that really mean and imply? In today’s world, it means much more than in any other era.

Meditation, The Way In

In every age people have sought to understand themselves, their world, and their universe. They have sought awareness, consciousness, inner knowing, enlightenment and transformation in the search for themselves.