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Affordable Advertising in the Lotus Guide

When you have a business the last thing you need to worry about is letting people know who your are and where you are, let us help you with that. We have ads starting at $145. every 3 months.

Video Interviews

Visual media is an important aspect of getting your message out there to the community and it’s there forever and increases your viability on search engines. Video interviews are crucial in this area so take a look at what we have to offer.

Lotus Guide Commercial

Lotus Guide Commercial letting you know all about a few of the things we offer like a Directory, Blog, Classified, Calendar, and more.

Donations for Lotus Guide

Donations are always welcome and it helps us pay for the many services we provide to the community for free.

Pay For Services Here

You can pay for advertisements, workshops and sessions here. You’ll be prompted to input the amount of payment after clicking the Pay Now button, please call us if you need to check prices. 530-894-8433 (89-GUIDE)


This page is our way of letting you know what other advertiser’s and readers are saying about the Lotus Guide. We are just starting this page so here are a few of our Testimonials so far.