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An Interview with Drunvalo: Is Reality Real?

This was an exceptional interview with Drunvalo for a number of reasons, on of with was the candid way he answered some tough questions. Watch it on to see the whole interview.

Honeymoon Effect

Let’s face it, change and challenging times are headed our way on a global level. But what if everything is exactly as it’s supposed to be? Hear what Dr. Bruce Lipton has to say about this and much more…much more.

Bruce Lipton Interview with Lotus Guide

Dr. Bruce Lipton has a way to take you on a journey using biology as a compass and the universe as a map. In his book, The Honeymoon Effect, he explains why relationships are so important in every area of existence and may help save our planet.

Timothy Freke Interview with Lotus Guide

Tim Freke paid us a visit here in Chico and he also wrote a review for my book, To Believe Or Not To Beleive: The Social & Neurological Consequences of Belief Systems. I highly encourage you to watch this video…

Nagarjuna Interview with Lotus Guide

Satsang is an age old traditional way for people to come together with a spiritual Guru or leader to come into the moment as an individual and a group. This interview turned out to be a Satsang of sorts:)

Thomas Streicher Interview with Lotus Guide

Thomas draws on a deep sense of spirituality to furnish the motivation for his goals. His spirituality is non-denominational, and derives from the bond that he feels with his fellow creatures. I interviewed him about his latest book.