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Questions for Chief Reinbold

Interview With Paradise Police Chief Eric Reinbold For anyone paying attention, it’s easy to see that something very strange and dangerous is going on regarding protests and law enforcement in our country. We all know things can go terribly wrong with protests and law enforcement, Kent State comes to mind. But now the situation has… Read more »

CoronaVirus Update

What follows is the article, unedited I might add, that will appear in the Spring issue of Lotus Guide. This issue will also be available ONLINE through our website. The printed issue won’t be distributed until the 3rd week of April but I wanted to get this out there before then. CoronaVirus UPDATE Social Distancing,… Read more »

Transcendental Meditation

…Offers Hope for Victims of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Certified Instructor Bob Dillon to Lead Courses at Center for Spiritual Living, Chico: Camp Fire Victims Encouraged to Attend By Alice Patterson Camp Fire victims and others affected by post-traumatic stress have access to free and reduced-cost transcendental meditation (TM) training, thanks to the Center for… Read more »

Lotus Guide Center for Healing and Information

Lotus Guide Center
Lotus Guide Center

EVENTS & Information at the Lotus Center {Scroll Down} For Testimonies CLICK HERE You can bookmark this page for any updates, changes or information on the Lotus Guide Center for Healing & Information. This will be an ongoing process so also be sure to sign up for our Community Email that we send out twice… Read more »

Community Support for the Lotus Guide Center

Robert Kennedy Jr-ray-marianna-dhara-rahasya
Robert Kennedy Jr-ray-marianna-dhara-rahasya

On Action News Now We recently had our Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening which Action News NOW covered And here is one of the many meetings and workshops at the Lotus Center (This one was done by HeartMath specifically to relieve stress for residents & first responders in Paradise)   We put the word out… Read more »


Camp Fire
Camp Fire

Yes, against all odds we are still here serving the Northern CA area and will be true to our responsibility of telling the truth and informing our readers so they have the best information possible. We survived the 2008 Financial meltdown created by Wall Street and the Banking institutions, we also survived the Paradise Campfire,… Read more »

New Imaging Technology Sees Staph Infections in New Light

Imaging Technology
Imaging Technology

New Imaging Technology Sees Staph Infections in New Light A new imaging technology has been developed in viewing staph infections using multiple devices, which promises to have a positive impact in medical research for fighting off the bacteria. The Staphylococcus aureus is a group of bacteria present in what is referred to as “staph infections.”… Read more »

Lotus Guide Online-Issue #44-Oct,Nov,Dec 2012

A great interview with Michael Reynolds the Garbage Warrior on how we "need" to rethink how we build homes and the Reality Check is a follow up to the geoengineering and chemtrails.

Interview with Alex Gray

Read an interesting interview with Alex Gray about whether or not there is such a thing as real evil.