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Lotus Guide Online-Issue39-Jul-Aug-Sept-2011

After you get through the denial about chemtrails the next obvious question is "What the #?@! Are They Spraying On Us? There’s also an interesting interview with Lynne McTaggart on The Bond: Connecting the Space Between Us.

Lotus Guide Online-Issue38-Apr-May-Jun–2011

You will find it interesting to say the least that you not only "don’t" see with your eyes, you don’t see with your brain either. Find out how Jacob Liberman corrected his eyesight with…well, read the article or watch his interview here.

Lotus Guide Online-Issue37-Jan/Feb-Mar–2011

What if the "powers that be" have suppressed information about curing cancer; think it can’t be true…think again. Also see what the Jesus Center in Chico is doing about hunger. Also, are you gluten intolerant?

Lotus Guide Online-Issue41-Jan-Feb-Mar-2012

In this issue you will read an interview with Foster Gamble who did the documentary THRIVE, What Will It Take To Wake Up? Along with the Golden Motorcycle Gang and EMF protection.