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Lotus Guide Online-Issue #44-Oct,Nov,Dec 2012

A great interview with Michael Reynolds the Garbage Warrior on how we "need" to rethink how we build homes and the Reality Check is a follow up to the geoengineering and chemtrails.

Interview with Alex Gray

Read an interesting interview with Alex Gray about whether or not there is such a thing as real evil.

Lotus Guide Online-Issue41-Jan-Feb-Mar-2012

In this issue you will read an interview with Foster Gamble who did the documentary THRIVE, What Will It Take To Wake Up? Along with the Golden Motorcycle Gang and EMF protection.

Lotus Guide Online-Issue39-Jul-Aug-Sept-2011

After you get through the denial about chemtrails the next obvious question is "What the #?@! Are They Spraying On Us? There’s also an interesting interview with Lynne McTaggart on The Bond: Connecting the Space Between Us.