Category: Meditation

Ego ~ Emptiness Dancing

The fall guy of spirituality is the ego. Since there’s really no one to blame for everything that happens in our lives, we manufacture this idea called the ego to take the blame. Love liberates this duality thinking and ego ceases to be a problem.

Music as Meditation

All beautiful and great music comes out of the space within. Some people call that space the soul, and you need to have a soul to create music.

Oneness Blessingâ??Deeksha

I think that one of the greatest and most harmful delusions we have in this world is the view we have of ourselves as being separate from other human beings and the world in which we live.

A Path and a Practice

The Tao Te Ching is one of the most loved and widely translated books in human history. It is wisdom literature at its finest. But it is much more than a collection of Chinese poetry.

AUM Meditation, The Spiritual Law of Dharma

The body is like a musical instrument. It needs to be in harmony. When the harmony is disturbed, you are also disturbed. Why is it that we feel so good when we hear music?

Why Active Meditations?

Experience the catharsis of active meditation! As the seat of consciousness has moved, we need the energy of dance meditation to move us from brain to heart into transformation.

The Heart Meditation

The world looks upside down. So many catastrophesâ??hurricanes, earthquakes, and so on. What is going on with our planet Earth? I like to believe that what is happening is something that is supposed to be.

Sky Meditation

â??Open your mind. Allow your heart to be pierced by this divine arrow that will shatter every definition of yourself. Allow yourself to be empty, nothing, nobody. Allow yourself the sweet bewilderment in God.

Meditation and Holistic Health

If you have any experience with meditation, you have encountered one of the biggest obstacles to meditationâ??the chattering mind. Here starts our battle with the mind, and for sure we will lose that battle.