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Ego ~ Emptiness Dancing

The fall guy of spirituality is the ego. Since there’s really no one to blame for everything that happens in our lives, we manufacture this idea called the ego to take the blame. Love liberates this duality thinking and ego ceases to be a problem.

Music as Meditation

All beautiful and great music comes out of the space within. Some people call that space the soul, and you need to have a soul to create music.

Shifting Toward Wholeness

We are in the midst a grand awakening, a shift. The duality of black and white, us and them, good and bad, male and female is changing.

Who Changes? An Interview with Luke Anderson

Born in Southeast Asia and raised in England, Luke Anderson has worked with environmental and social-justice groups in Europe, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and North America. He now lives in Chico

Can Anusara Yoga Change Our World?

The traditional definition of yoga is â??unionâ? and to me it means this: When we know ourselves in a deeper way, we feel supported inside, united. We feel more complete and self-confident and this leads us to a sense of connection.

Meditation, The Way In “The Watcher”

This time we’re going to talk about the very core of meditation … awareness. All meditation techniques have the same goal, which is to make us more awakened/alert than we ordinarily are.