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Mind over Medicine

Mind Over Medicine By Mark Light, MD “Promoting health of the body without encouraging health of the mind is an exercise in futility.”—Dr. Lissa Rankin, MD You can heal yourself. When was the last time you heard a doctor say these words? Probably never. Dr. Lissa Rankin is one doctor who is saying those exact… Read more »

Reiki Healing

By Tim Gannon   I served for 20 years in the United States Air Force. I was the guy in the barracks who listened to everyone’s woes. I listened compassionately and empathetically but was frustrated because I had nothing to offer in return except my attention. In hindsight, I recognize that these people were searching… Read more »

NAET: A Different Way of Viewing Disease

By Mark Light, MD I graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in medicine and became board certified in emergency medicine. I worked as an emergency physician for 30 years and then as a primary care physician for about 12 years. I was not taught about the meridian (energy) system of the body… Read more »

Want to Change Your Life?

It’s as Quick as Switching the Channel By Meg Benedicte During this extraordinary year of transformation, our planet is morphing from the dying, outdated 3D model of Duality into an alternative 5D paradigm of Unity Consciousness. This is often met with perplexing confusion, as the human mind attempts to grasp how it is possible for… Read more »

Qi Gong, Yi Quan, and Tai Ji Quan

By Higgy Learner Qi gong, yi quan, and tai ji quan are internal arts. This means they emphasize cultivation of internal energy or qi, a state of mental and emotional calm, and unity of body, mind, and spirit. All these are factors in the achievement of good health. Qi refers to the flow of energy… Read more »

Three Steps to Heart-Based Living

By Ronna Prince Creator, executive producer, songwriter of the new film Sacred Journey of the Heart Dive in, tune in, lighten up! It seems we are inundated with messages about living in the heart. It’s the latest catchphrase. But really, what does it all mean?  It means living in balance with emotions and thoughts. It… Read more »

BioAcoustics: Sound Can Heal the Body’??s Imbalances

What is BioAcoustics? It is a natural and holistic way of using voice analysis to enable the body to balance itself. We gather information from the body in the form of â??voice prints,â? which are analyzed in terms of frequency.

A Time for Change

What are the questions we nee to be asking ourselves to prepare and be part of the Change that we all feel is in the air?

Shamanic Soul Retrieval

The fabric of the soul is multilayered. It consists in part of all we have yet to resolve as a result of past and present incarnations. Unhealthy beliefs, vows, emotional wounds, and soul loss show up in our soulscape as heavy energy.

Retreat! Retreat!

My desire is to do more than simply survive life’s challenging times. I like to come up with strategies to keep myself feeling good. Joy, laughter, a sense of peace and connection all help to reduce stress and renew the spirit.