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How to Know God

I believe that the experience of God is available to anyone regardless of his or her religious background or lack of it. The human nervous system is hardwired to experience God.

MasterPath ~ The Light and Sound Teachings

Spiritual Leader of MasterPath MasterPath, the Divine Science of Light and Sound, is a spiritual doctrine whose expressed intent is the liberation and Salvation of one’s Soul, and the ultimate realization of God.

Who Changes? An Interview with Luke Anderson

Born in Southeast Asia and raised in England, Luke Anderson has worked with environmental and social-justice groups in Europe, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and North America. He now lives in Chico

Learning from the Dark Angel of Depression

Depression is an insidious illness. It afflicts many millions of people, who may be in reasonable physical shape yet feel crushed by hopelessness, lethargy, and despair.

2012: A Positive Choice

As our world rapidly escalates toward greater reconnection, each core essence (soul) is feeling the energetic shift that is happening globally. Many energies are coming into play now

The New Horsepower

What area of your body is speaking the loudest to you right now?â? my facilitator asked. â??My sacrum…there is a pulsing golden spiral over my sacrum.â?

Flowers are the Messengers of the Angels

As human beings we have real need to find a source of wisdom and compassion that help us better frame our worry and unsettledness into more useful expressions of our feelings.

Spiritual Evolution

So what is the bad news? We can see the signs all around us and they are showing up in every arena of human affairs.