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How the Moxa Stick Came to America

By Michael Turk One of the least invasive but most effective means of relieving chronic pain is heat. Anyone can feel the healing, soothing effects by holding the hot end of a moxa stick over a sore spot. With repeated application, the lasting benefits outweigh the short time it takes to learn this Asian therapy… Read more »

Gluten Summit Report

The Triple-A Threat of Gluten Sensitivity— Autoimmune Disease, Arthritis, and Alzheimer’s Disease By Sheryl Sanchez, L.Ac. Medical scholars gathered recently for a symposium on the topic of gluten sensitivity, “A Grain of Truth: The Gluten Summit.” This educational summit was organized by Dr. Thomas O’Bryan, a premier educator in the field of functional medicine and… Read more »

What’s Hibernating in Your Body

Digestion Relief Center
Digestion Relief Center

By Dr. Patrick Giammarise, DC Most of us go about our lives and never think much about them. Yet they are impossible to avoid, exist in vast quantities in our environment, and can be difficult to identify. What are they? Toxins. Toxins Whether we know it or not, we are exposed daily to numerous toxins… Read more »

An Interview with Harvey Bigelsen

With all the advances in science pointing to the fact that we live and breathe in something close to a Holographic Universe it is well worth while to listen to people like Dr. Harvey Bigelsen explain his Holographic Blood theory.

Lyme Diseaseâ??The Truth, the Cause, the Cure

Two competing theories about germs and disease have come down through history. The philosophy actually starts way back with Hippocrates and Galen and is really defined in the late 1800s by Louis Pasteur and Antoine Béchamp.

Authentic Success

Whoever we are, whatever we do, we are more than just a piece of ourselves. Too many times we are judged according to "what’s normal" in society which is contrived by the media and certain organizations that like to tell us how to be.

Hypnotherapyâ??Using the Power of Your Mind

Hypnosis is powerful because it provides access to the subconscious mind. The subconscious is the part of the mind that remembers everything. It houses beliefs, is the seat of the emotions, and is the creative, imaginative part of the mind.

Video Interviews

Visual media is an important aspect of getting your message out there to the community and it’s there forever and increases your viability on search engines. Video interviews are crucial in this area so take a look at what we have to offer.

The Healing Energies of Hypnosis

Throughout time and in all cultures, people have been healed of their complaints by shamans, witch doctors, high priests, and medicine men and women.

Your Body Speaks Your Mind: Fear and Fearlessness

Fear is an instinctive response when your survival is threat andened, when what you believe in is undermined, or when the ground you are standing on becomes shaky and there is nothing to hold onto that feels secure or safe.