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The Healing Energies of Hypnosis

Throughout time and in all cultures, people have been healed of their complaints by shamans, witch doctors, high priests, and medicine men and women.

Your Body Speaks Your Mind: Fear and Fearlessness

Fear is an instinctive response when your survival is threat andened, when what you believe in is undermined, or when the ground you are standing on becomes shaky and there is nothing to hold onto that feels secure or safe.

What Is a Spiritual Guide?

A spiritual counselor and guide is someone who listens with insight, intuition, and empathy. It is someone who reaches to the root of a problem to find a soothing and perfecting solution.

Manifesting a Specific Person

Can I manifest a specific person? This is a question I often hear in my office at my private practice in Chico. One subject I coach on is universal laws.

Interview with Andrew Newberg

My book Why We Believe What We Believe, does go into some detail about both fundamentalism and how people respond to things that are negative or anti whatever our own beliefs are.