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Hidden under the Skin


By Jean Louise Green, CMT   Jean Louise Green, CMT, is a certified Rolf practitioner, trained by Dr. Ida P. Rolf’s first-generation teachers. Her book Structural Integration and Energy Medicine: A Handbook of Advanced Bodywork, will be released by Inner Traditions Bear & Company on January 15, 2019. She maintains a full-time practice in Chico,… Read more »

Structural Integration

By Jean Louise Green, certified Rolf practitioner and CMT Four years ago, while snowboarding, Cara hyperextended her neck and back. Unable to work, her world spun in dizziness. After 10 sessions of structural integration that realigned her spine, she happily returned to work. Linda expected a hip replacement for a painful arthritic hip. After her… Read more »

Take off your boots!

Structural Integration = A Body That Runs Energy By Jean Louise Green “Huh?” “Take off your boots!” I heard it again, this time louder. It was an early rainy spring morning in 2011. I was in my garden and my wrists hurt from doing lots of work and wheelbarrowing two cubic yards of worm castings.… Read more »