Category: Science and Religion

Honeymoon Effect

Let’s face it, change and challenging times are headed our way on a global level. But what if everything is exactly as it’s supposed to be? Hear what Dr. Bruce Lipton has to say about this and much more…much more.

Ancient Aliens, Key to Our Future?

It seems that every "thinking" human on the planet is starting to question how we got here and who are we. Here are a few possible answers that are backed up by recent archeological finds and genetic research.

Are We Alone?

There is much more to the story of UFO’s, ancient aliens, and alternative energy than the governments of the world want to reveal. Now is the time to find out what’s really going on and here’s why…

10 Questions For The Dalai Lama

Rick Ray waited for months to ask his 10 questions to the Dalai Lama. The interesting thing about Rick Rayâ??s interview was the diplomacy involved with the Dalai Lamaâ??s answers, especially to over population and peaceful resistance.

Living on a Higher Frequency

So what does it mean to live on a â??higher frequencyâ?? First of all, itâ??s important to know that everything that we call matter exists with one subtle difference; each manifestation has a singular frequency.

Oneness Blessingâ??Deeksha

I think that one of the greatest and most harmful delusions we have in this world is the view we have of ourselves as being separate from other human beings and the world in which we live.

Interview with Gary Zukav

There is a huge transformation of consciousness that is occurring and so many people know about this transformation of consciousness but not many of them have given thought to what it really is and what it requires of them.