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Climate Change: What the Science Tells Us

By Charles Fletcher ISBN: 978-1-11805-753-7 (John Wiley & Sons, 2013) If you want to get the facts straight about whether climate change is man-made or natural, this book will clear that question up for you. Even though climate change has been happening on this planet for millennia, the climate change that’s happening today is completely… Read more »

Interview with Guy McPherson on Climate Change

This is a short, edited version of my interview with Guy McPherson (You can watch the whole interview by scrolling down), who has a list of credentials that makes it almost mandatory that we hear what he has to say about climate change. It’s Time To Wake Up! Lotus Guide Lotus Guide: One of the… Read more »

Climate Change and More

While this page loads, read the following paragraph These interviews and documentaries are ‘just the facts.’ I won’t take you down the rabbit hole of some of the conspiracy ideas behind this subject, however, I highly urge you to do your own investigation on the twists and turns this subject can take you, just use… Read more »

Science FACTion

    Lost Secrets of the Gods: The Latest Evidence and Revelations on Ancient Astronauts, Precursor Cultures, and Secret Societies By Michael Pye (Editor), Kirsten Dalley (Editor), Jim Marrs (Contributor), & 11 More ISBN: 978-1-60163-324-8 (New Page Books, 2014) They say the world changes its beliefs one grave at a time, but we no longer… Read more »