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Winter Solstice 2012

Weâ??re moving at warp speed through 2012, a year that many, including myself, see as hugely significant in the history of our planet. We are also rapidly approaching a specific date, the winter solstice (12/21/12). Now is the time to look at this.

The Respectful Revolution

No matter what our differences are, race, political affiliations, or religion, we all want and need to have respect. Read what Gerard Ungerman has to say about his new documentary where he asks people all across the country what RESPECT means.

Lotus Guide Online-Issue38-Apr-May-Jun–2011

You will find it interesting to say the least that you not only "don’t" see with your eyes, you don’t see with your brain either. Find out how Jacob Liberman corrected his eyesight with…well, read the article or watch his interview here.

The Respectful Revolution

Visit Facebook and stay in touch with Gerard Ungerma’s documentary in the making of what "respect" means to people all over the country.

How Do I Prepare for 2012?

As we are receiving more information on the end date of the Mayan Calendar, December 21, 2012, we are collectively realizing the profundity and the imminence of the grand opportunity that is before us.

Deconstructing Truth

What is truth? Can it even be known? Is it vain to assume that we could grasp it with the limited capacities of our human consciousness? Is the endless quest for truth actually just an attempt to relieve our anxieties about our own insignificance?

Interview with Barbara Marx Hubbard

In this interview, Barbara Marx Hubbard brings us face to face with the wisdom of the ages. Gained through her extensive experience with many disciplines and brilliant thinkers of our time, Barbara’s wisdom encourages us all with hope and direction.

MasterPath ~ The Light and Sound Teachings

Spiritual Leader of MasterPath MasterPath, the Divine Science of Light and Sound, is a spiritual doctrine whose expressed intent is the liberation and Salvation of one’s Soul, and the ultimate realization of God.

What is Pancha Karma?

Pancha Karma is Ayurvedaâ??s elegant system of purification and rejuvenation. The procedure is simple, yet the effects are profound.