Category: Spiritual Paths

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

When ancient peoples considered the vastness of the universe, they felt something very surprising, they felt connected, a spiritual connection cannot be seen or touched,.

Why Active Meditations?

Experience the catharsis of active meditation! As the seat of consciousness has moved, we need the energy of dance meditation to move us from brain to heart into transformation.

The Reality Within Us

Once there was a disciple who spent many long hours meditating and many long years learning all there was to be learned from his master and teacher.

A Woman’??s Moon

According to Ayurveda, a womanâ??s magic is irretrievably linked to the moon. The ancients called the dark days of the moon â??womanâ??s moonâ? and â??resting moon,â? linking a womanâ??s physical, emotional, and spiritual state to the lunar wheel.

Know the Truth Now

When people contemplate enlightenment they often think of the Buddha. Jesus, Rumi, or Muhammad among many others may also come to mind.

The Celestine Prophecy Movie

We wanted to know how James Redfield felt about his book becoming a movie and why it’s so important at this time in our history. We will be bringing The Celestine Prophecy to our community in the same spirit the book was first distributed

Interview with Swami Kriyananda

I was always seeking truth from childhood. And I identified truth with many things, with science, with politics, with art, and I kept coming back to the thought that without God I can’t get to what I’m looking for.