Category: Spiritual Paths

What the Masters Want

Since the publication of Adventures of a Western Mystic, about real-life experiences with the ascended masters, I have repeatedly been asked, â??How can I contact these miraculous masters and have the same kind of personal experiences?â?

Sexuality As A Spiritual Path

What does it mean to be on a spiritual path? Is it a path to the ultimate reality, or God? There is no wrong definition. Whatever it means to you is what it is.

There Is Nothing You Have to Do

David Waldman is a mystery. He embodies the wonderful, wild, incredible mystery that he says life is. Being empty, he is free to meet life fresh, greeting each new now with the wonder and openheartedness of a child.

Interview with Bruce Lipton on Spiritual Evolution

Dr. Bruce Lipton, brilliant leader, bridging science and spirit tells us we have to do somethingâ?¦bringing people, like iron filings, together creates coherency, which is how we regain our power, and make the spiritual evolution happen.