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As Within, So Without


As Within, So Without By Jim Redtail Collins, PhD “If enough of us do the inner work, we will make it.”—Carl Jung   When Jung wrote this, he was referring to what he called the shadow—those aspects of consciousness and behaviors that we do not or will not recognize in ourselves. Instead we project them… Read more »

Shamanic Retrieval


By Annie Fuller, Spiritual Healer/Teacher Your joyful, innocent 5-year-old self wades in a bubbling stream while singing to deer, squirrels, and raccoons. She won’t come home to you if Daddy is still around. What happened at that age? A 40-year-old devoted mother feels an unexplained loss. In the upper worlds I meet a creative, 25-year-old… Read more »

Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali

Yoga Center of Chico
Yoga Center of Chico

The First of Four Chapters of the Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali   By Tom Hess   The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is one of the most important texts about yoga. A lot of mystery surrounds the text—mainly who wrote it and when was it written? But the truths of the sutras are eternal. The main… Read more »

Taking a Spiritual Retreat

Reclaim Your Inner Peace: Tips and Suggestions About Taking a Spiritual Retreat By Expanding Light Retreat Staff      Everyone occasionally needs some inner rejuvenation. Whether you want to break new ground, spiritually speaking, or you simply want to reclaim your peace in the midst of a hectic life, going on retreat can be a… Read more »

Spiritual Activist Radio Donations

In today’s world of Misinformation and Disinformation we need to be wise and use discernment whenever we read or watch the news. I go to great lengths to fact check anything I talk about or write about so I can bring you the best information possible; not to tell you what to think, but simply… Read more »

Kindness Above All

Kindness Above All A Community Message from Sacred Seven NPO | Awakened Yoga By C.J. Nava Kindness Whether or not we consciously acknowledge it as fact, we crave, feed on, thrive in, and long for it. Humanity has an active history embracing leaders, masters, guides—many of whom held unconditional love and kindness as a foundation… Read more »

How Many Soulmates Do You Have?

By Margaret VanLaan Martin What is your belief system about soulmates? Are you like most people, thinking that your soulmate is one perfect lover, made specifically for you? Why did you choose to have such a limited belief about soulmates? I believe that we have many soulmates; I believe that we have soulmates so that… Read more »

Nagarjuna Interview with Lotus Guide

Satsang is an age old traditional way for people to come together with a spiritual Guru or leader to come into the moment as an individual and a group. This interview turned out to be a Satsang of sorts:)

10 Questions For The Dalai Lama

Rick Ray waited for months to ask his 10 questions to the Dalai Lama. The interesting thing about Rick Rayâ??s interview was the diplomacy involved with the Dalai Lamaâ??s answers, especially to over population and peaceful resistance.

Meditation and Holistic Health

If you have any experience with meditation, you have encountered one of the biggest obstacles to meditationâ??the chattering mind. Here starts our battle with the mind, and for sure we will lose that battle.