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Interview with Richard Heinberg

I would like to start this interview out with the question that I think a lot of people are asking right now. We have a financial system that is dependent on consumerism and…

Be Healthy for a Happy Summer!

Let us pray for the safety of our human population and the protection of our beloved America as well as the strength and courage to be able to change with the demands of the time.

The Science of Resonance and Healing

Energy work is my greatest love and includes many techniques that raise the vibration of mind and body, which aids in healing and lifting of spirits. I particularly enjoy incorporating sound into the healing equation.

Feel the Qi

Today qi is commonly referred to as energy, yet qi is a mystery to modern science. In Chinese philosophy, qi is a subtle substance that pervades space.

Divine Beings and Every Dog is a Divine Being

Have you ever wondered what your dog thinks about you? I love the saying, â??I hope to become the person my dog thinks I am.â? To me, that sums up how giving and loving dogs are for people.

Time to Wake Up from Our Dream

As some of you know, I recently wrote a book that explores the cognitive and neurological functions behind the mental process of believing something irrational and that lacks evidence or experience.

What Is Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic?

From the very beginning the developers of chiropractic intended chiropractic to be used as way to restore health and function to the sick, regardless of the condition or where their symptoms were situated.