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Touching the Intangible

Laura filed for divorce three years before she called me for an intuitive session. Sheâ??s anxious, she wants to see into the future, she wants to know why her separated husband is becoming increasingly more difficult to communicate.

Ethics of Massage Therapy

Touch is one of the most basic human needs, documented for thousands of years. It occurs in every culture. Touch also affects animals. Equine massage (for horses), canine massage (for dogs), and feline massage (for cats) have been popular for years.

My Quest for Relief

After researching NAET I went ahead with this simple, painless, noninvasive treatment and, to my great surprise, found permanent relief from my asthma and allergy symptoms. As I continued to feel better, I decided to enroll in a NAET class.

Life Can Be Real and Raw

Many find themselves in a position in which they no longer trust government organizations for one reason or another and so are drawn to community centers and shelters for help.

Interview with Richard Heinberg

I would like to start this interview out with the question that I think a lot of people are asking right now. We have a financial system that is dependent on consumerism and…

Be Healthy for a Happy Summer!

Let us pray for the safety of our human population and the protection of our beloved America as well as the strength and courage to be able to change with the demands of the time.

The Science of Resonance and Healing

Energy work is my greatest love and includes many techniques that raise the vibration of mind and body, which aids in healing and lifting of spirits. I particularly enjoy incorporating sound into the healing equation.