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Marijuana: Making the Case for Small and Local

As publishers we canâ??t sit on the sidelines of this issue. Like it or not, the legalization of medical marijuana is taking place. But hereâ??s the problem I see that will affect each and every person in the community.

Spring Can Bring New Focus on Wellness

I encourage everyone this year to use the growth energy of spring to develop a new focusâ??we need to develop a new health modelâ??a new health model that focuses on a deep understanding.

Extraordinary Love

Jeanne looks to be a small woman with a strong, gentle presence and a heavy French accent. After we greet each other and share some small talk I close my eyes to begin the Skype session.

Go Raw to Grow Your Health

Endre Szalay believed that the best nutrition always came from raw vegetables and fruits, so he experimented with adding particular protein sequences.

Working with Your Angels

The gifts you are born with are screaming for recognition, demanding answers, looking for healing and understanding. The angels say, "Use your discernment."

An Interview with Chico Police Chief Michael Maloney

One thing I have learned through the years is that when a community has opposing points of view on something, the worst thing it can do is assume that it knows what the â??otherâ? sideâ??s point of view is.

To Believe or Not To Believe on Coast to Coast

For those who may have missed my recent interview on Coast to Coast AM with George Knapp, you can visit the Coast to Coast website to hear it or visit

White Canvas

I ask Virginia what she wants to work on in this session. Her voice deepens as she tells me she’s been stuck financially for years. "And the reasons are in me," she says. She’s desperate to uncover these hidden secrets and change them.

An Emotional Healing Technique at Your Fingertips

Can tapping on specific meridian points (energy channels) on the body really create positive shifts and relieve emotional distress? More than 1 million people worldwide are now using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to do just that.


I wrote Spiritual Partnership: The Journey to Authentic Power, to try to get out of my own cage. I wanted, and needed, to connect with people, not just reach them, but really connect for my own well being and hopefully for theirs as well.