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Why Active Meditation?

In todayâ??s fast-paced world it is easy to lose sight of the fact that man is a very new phenomenon.

Why Active Meditation

Why it is necessary for Westerners to adapt a new way to find that quiet space and why Active Meditations are the key.

Walking on the Razors Edge

You are about to read an article on a subject that I usually have with close friends, colleagues, and people who are open to thinking out of the box. But don’t even start reading it unless you promise to get to where it asks, "So Now what?" If, while

Ask Dr. Gayle Kimball-July 2011

Q: Iâ??m a middle-aged divorced guy who realized I wasnâ??t in love with my wives. How can I change this pattern? The women Iâ??m dating now arenâ??t going to be compatible in the long run either.

Ask Dr. Gayle Kimball-April 2011

The democracy revolutions in the Middle East are exciting, but do you think theyâ??re worth the hundreds of people whoâ??ve been shot?

Ask Dr. Gayle Kimball-January 2011

Therapist Michael Newton and businessman Robert Monroe spent years studying this, the former by doing hypnotic regressions with his clients, and the latter by astral traveling to many dimensions using â??hemi-synchâ? audio technologies that stimulate bo

Celiac Disease

In the United States today, millions of people suffer through symptoms that neither fit a specific diagnosis nor do the symptoms disappear.

Great Yang of Summer

As we move away from the Great Yang of Summer and directly toward the Great Yin of Winter all of the natural world in our area begins to slow down and turn from the focus on external growth more toward internal reflection.

Interview with Andrew Newberg

My book Why We Believe What We Believe, does go into some detail about both fundamentalism and how people respond to things that are negative or anti whatever our own beliefs are.