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We live in a world of mistrust and deceit at every turn, especially in the United States; this is why we want to be a trusted landing place for people who are in the process of searching trusted information and a great place to start that search for people who have recently woke up to… Read more »

INFOrmation WARfare

This page is for adults who can still THINK for themselves and do their research. If you find something you disagree with and want to contact me, feel free to do so, but come well armed with something more than “I don’t agree with you.” In the past when readers and people who watch my… Read more »

Bruce Lipton-Part 2

Bruce Lipton
Bruce Lipton

Note from Lotus Guide: This is part two of the interview that I did with Bruce Lipton. Looking at what so many of us are going through in today’s world I think it’s important to understand some of the psychology behind being a victim or being a creator, which requires taking full responsibility for ourselves.… Read more »

Mass Psychosis aka Collective Insanity

By Rahasya Poe UPDATE-Oct 18, 2021: As I sit here at the Lotus Center in Paradise, CA I’m reflecting on a gathering I just went to in Chico of the “UN-vaccinated”. Some of them actually believed in most vaccinations, that were real, but the fact that what we are being “mandated” to take them and… Read more »

Mindfulness-Be The Watcher


By Dhara Lemos Meditation and meditation techniques are a passion of mine! They transformed my life and also saved it a few times. But now more than ever, with the coronavirus outbreak and quarantine, meditation techniques are helping me cope with my emotions so I can stay in a healthy state of mind and body.… Read more »


PMH Atwater
PMH Atwater

By P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D. Numerous stories exist today about people at the edge of death who not only defy the “grim reaper,” they experience themselves as someone with purpose, a value greater than dream images or flights of fancy. Not only do they “don’t die,” they return from that harrowing moment “different” from… Read more »

Are We Tiptoeing Towards Totalitarianism?

Thomas Jefferson-1
Thomas Jefferson-1

Just Asking… By Rahasya Poe NOTE: I originally had a couple of questions about Black Lives Matter but decided I couldn’t even ask a question about them because most people are so dis informed about the reality, plus, those questions actually need to be asked by the black community. But I do discuss them in… Read more »

Questions for Chief Reinbold

Interview With Paradise Police Chief Eric Reinbold For anyone paying attention, it’s easy to see that something very strange and dangerous is going on regarding protests and law enforcement in our country. We all know things can go terribly wrong with protests and law enforcement, Kent State comes to mind. But now the situation has… Read more »

CoronaVirus Update

What follows is the article, unedited I might add, that will appear in the Spring issue of Lotus Guide. This issue will also be available ONLINE through our website. The printed issue won’t be distributed until the 3rd week of April but I wanted to get this out there before then. CoronaVirus UPDATE Social Distancing,… Read more »

John Anthony West

Rahasya in the photo while in India Gurdjieff and the Fourth Way By Rahasya Poe When I first interviewed John Anthony West the whole point of the interview was to get into the research on ancient Egypt. I’ve always admired his tenacity for standing his ground against the system; in his case it was the… Read more »