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Vibrate Higher with Jesse Spallina

432: The Secret Frequency By Jesse Spallina   It was four years ago when I attended a sound healing session with Bryan Anthony. When I first heard the sound of a crystal singing bowl I was overtaken by a profound energy that I felt throughout my body. This feeling was like nothing I had felt… Read more »


Camp Fire
Camp Fire

Yes, against all odds we are still here serving the Northern CA area and will be true to our responsibility of telling the truth and informing our readers so they have the best information possible. We survived the 2008 Financial meltdown created by Wall Street and the Banking institutions, we also survived the Paradise Campfire,… Read more »

How Did We Get Here?

Kathleen Hallal
Kathleen Hallal

By Rahasya Poe   The short answer to this question is “apathy and greed.” But considering the fate of our children, our country, and the world, let’s look at some specifics that address the problem. I think it’s well worth our time to look deeply and seriously into this subject. I was recently invited by… Read more »

Human by Design-Gregg Braden

Human by Design-Gregg Braden
Human by Design-Gregg Braden

Our interview with Gregg Braden is the third in a series of interviews we did with Bruce Lipton and Joe Dispenza on a variety of subjects that focus on taking back our power by being responsible, not only for ourselves but for the world around us. Gregg is an internationally renowned pioneer in bridging science,… Read more »

Interview with Bruce Lipton

 Watch the entire interview by scrolling down. One of the reasons I love to talk with Bruce Lipton is that he has this uncanny way of overlaying biological processes onto world problems, which usually gives a clear answer or solution to what’s going on. I believe we live in times of great danger and at… Read more »

Spiritual Activist Radio Donations

In today’s world of Misinformation and Disinformation we need to be wise and use discernment whenever we read or watch the news. I go to great lengths to fact check anything I talk about or write about so I can bring you the best information possible; not to tell you what to think, but simply… Read more »

Rahasya Uncensored

Also Check out Spiritual Activist Radio with Rahasya…Uncensored Most of my interviews on BBS Radio last 55 minutes, but occasionally they run over, here are 3 of them. If you want to Watch my interviews instead of just listening you can visit my You Tube Page HERE Here is the complete interview with John Anthony… Read more »

Climate Change and More

While this page loads, read the following paragraph These interviews and documentaries are ‘just the facts.’ I won’t take you down the rabbit hole of some of the conspiracy ideas behind this subject, however, I highly urge you to do your own investigation on the twists and turns this subject can take you, just use… Read more »

Bruce Lipton Interview with Lotus Guide

Dr. Bruce Lipton has a way to take you on a journey using biology as a compass and the universe as a map. In his book, The Honeymoon Effect, he explains why relationships are so important in every area of existence and may help save our planet.