Cellular Memory Release

By Savannah Hanson, MA, MFT

            Every day we are given numerous opportunities to choose love or fear. For the most part, Savannah-Article-(2)-copythe general media hope you will choose fear. We are inundated with images of violence and chaos, not making it easy for us to trust that all is well and unfolding according to a divine plan. It might feel impossible to choose love when our nervous systems feel under attack, yet by learning to take dominion of our consciousness, we can come to realize that it is our minds that determine what we feel in our bodies. We can learn that we are not victims of external circumstances. Making sense of this, trusting that we are connected to a benevolent energy of well-being when many things seem to be going “wrong” and while we are doused in primal fear, really is not child’s play.

            How do we ground ourselves in trust, feeling safe in our own skins and able to choose love rather than fall into anxiety, depression, or fear? First, we learn not to take things personally, recognizing that there is something called “ascension,” or an awakening, blanketing the entire planet. The actual frequency of the planet is shifting, as is magnetic north, requiring airport runways to be realigned. It is like slowly shifting current from 120 to 240 volts. Once in Guatemala, we were in a room with both voltages and when we plugged in our 120-volt fan to a 240-volt socket, no surprise, the wiring got fried. As these gradual increases in energy hit our bodies, we can experience multiple symptoms—from aches and pains to exhaustion, sleeplessness, and panic. As the frequency shifts, everything that no longer aligns with the heightened energy is brought up for review with accompanying symptoms of dis-ease and highlighting challenges in our relationships, health, finances, and work.

            All is occurring to support us in remembering who we are and to return us to passionate self-love. Many struggle to find meaning, to make sense of the challenges and tragedies that seem so pervasive. In working with clients and healing myself of lifelong anxiety, I have found a potent alchemy of three primary teachings.

            Spiritual teacher Matt Kahn offers simple yet powerful self-love practices. One of the most compelling is to send “I love you” messages to your own heart daily. This practice is deceptively simple as it digs deep into our own beings to uproot self-hatred and judgment. Another powerful teaching is The Way of Mastery, which is like an updated A Course in Miracles. It is a textbook of consciousness that reminds us repeatedly of our true identity and offers simple practices to support us in remembering our own unlimited natures.

            In my practice, I find clients often have difficulty with the critical skill of allowing themselves to feel that which is arising in their bodies as physical sensations. We have been trained as a society to resist, deny, and numb our feelings, yet the path to wholeness demands that we reverse that trend. We must learn to move, shake, sound, and feel what is arising in our bodies in response to our moment-to-moment experience. When we repress our emotions or express them inappropriately, blaming or judging another, we end up storing them in cellular memory as debris that accumulates and creates what spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle calls the “pain body.” Through time, unreleased trauma creates suffering. Our life experiences, especially as children, condition us to accept many false beliefs, such as: The world is not safe, others cannot be trusted, I will always be alone, I am unworthy. If these false beliefs are left to fester, they will affect every aspect of our lives. The cellular memory release (CMR) process allows us to use what is arising in the now to trace the line of energy back to the initial contraction. Our cellular memory is literally tied to the same intelligence as that which runs the entire universe. It is stunning to witness the inherent wisdom hidden within each of us. This wisdom knows exactly what to do to heal and transform the energy of depression, anxiety, fear, and grief. This process trains clients, in a very finite number of sessions, how to use the techniques on themselves to drain cellular memory of toxicity, opening up the space and feelings of internal safety to create the world of our dreams. Through time, as we dive into the soil of our own being and welcome our embodied experience, a spaciousness and inner freedom begin to flower. A peace beyond all understanding is the natural result of our willingness to love what is arising. The CMR practitioner stands as a guide and fellow traveler into the rich inner landscapes of vast unconsciousness. Many people find it frightening to explore their inner darkness, thus locking themselves into polarity and suffering. It is only by finding the courage and wisdom to investigate our own shadow side that we can begin to live in the light of our own loving natures.

For a free 30-minute consultation to see if this work is right for you or to get a schedule of upcoming classes, please contact me at savannah@raisedinlove.com.

Savannah Hanson, M.A., MFT #40422


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