Change Your Story Change Your Life

By Jim Redtail Collins

A well-known axiom, expressed in various ways but common to all spiritual teachings, is: As within, so without.

Health-redtailIn practical terms, this means that our experiences of life spring from the patterns we carry within us. Although we think we are walking around making conscious choices with our “free will,” more often than not we are responding to a script that we didn’t even write!

The seeds of most struggles and frustrations are in repeating patterns from the past, the residuals of unhealed emotional trauma that trap us with the chains of painful memories.

Surprisingly, the basic principles of how this works have been understood by shamans for hundreds of years, though they have only recently been “discovered” by leading-edge science in quantum physics, microbiology biology, energy psychology, and epigenetics. Although entire books are devoted to explaining the science behind each of them, the principles are actually rather simple. Pay particular attention to number 4, because this is where the rubber meets the road. Applying it can change your life!

1. Matter is not solid. The universe is composed of energy that vibrates so fast that matter appears solid; but this is an illusion, analogous to how a fan blade appears to be one object as it spins, though the gaps between the blades become apparent when it stops.

2. We are all connected by a unified field of this energy. We used to think that up to 90 percent of the universe consists of empty space; however, countless physics experiments suggest this logic is flawed and begs the question of how waves of energy are transmitted from place to place. For radio waves to be transmitted and cell phones to work, some form of energy must exist that connects everything.

It also appears that there are several types of localized fields that pertain to our personal lives. A considerable body of evidence suggests that memory is not held in the brain, as previously supposed, but rather in these localized fields. For instance, numerous attempts to prove the old theory of memory have all been unsuccessful. Moreover, we know that, with the exception of DNA, the cells in the brain are replaced within a few days to a few years, suggesting that the theory about memory being held in material traces in brain tissue is unsupportable.

3. Our thoughts appear to be transmitted into these localized fields as “pictures” and reflected back to us according to what has been called the “law of attraction.” We attract experiences that match the vibrational frequency resembling our own, that is, the “pictures” held in the localized fields of memory. So what we continue to attract and replicate are patterns from the past, based upon earlier experiences.

4. We can change how we experience life by changing the point of attraction—the “pictures” contained in the localized field. Clinical trials in epigenetic medicine have clearly demonstrated that changing the pictures held in the mind (the mind is not the same as the brain) lead to significant changes. Once you create new pictures in your field, you will begin attracting new experiences!


Dying to the Past

The shamans of the Americas—who, by the way, possess a remarkable knowledge of the process of self-transformation—believe that to attain personal potency, tap your full potential, and live your destiny, you must die to your past! You must change your internal pictures and free yourself from the conditioned limitations and personal fears that you hold, based in experiences that color your world and determine your possibilities.

If you change your internal pictures, your story changes! It is that simple.  Until you change your story—the patterns of your past—you are trapped in repetition of that story, for it represents the sum of your resources and therefore your possibilities. This is why so many people experience patterns in their lives repeating ad nauseum no matter what they do, always showing up at the next train station with a new hat.

These self-limiting picture-patterns are relatively easy to change through new techniques that blend the ancient wisdom and the leading edges of science. These techniques have been demonstrated to be consistently effective in assisting those committed to improving their lives or accomplishing an elusive goal by shifting learned limitations and patterns of belief that hold them back from achieving their intentions.

Numerous clinical trials of these methods have also shown remarkable effectiveness in eliminating or greatly reducing a wide range of physical and emotional issues: chronic pain, relationship problems, addictions, weight loss, post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, bipolar illness, allergies, even autoimmune disorders.

As a transformational coach, I have witnessed many people change their lives dramatically by eliminating what disempowers them. In a handful of coaching sessions or a workshop, the average person can easily learn to make effective use of this new technology for rapid personal transformation. It is literally power in the palm of your hands!

I have made it my personal mission to get this information into the hands of those who need it. My premium programs bring deep transformation to anyone committed to achieving personal excellence. I can teach you how to find your wings and propel yourself to more successful relationships, business, sports, educational achievement, spiritual expansion—to getting results where others cannot!

Is there something you struggle with that robs you of your joy, or something you want to accomplish that seems to elude you? An expanded and more fulfilling life is awaiting you, and I guarantee you that it is far more accessible than you ever dreamed possible!


Dr. Jim Collins, widely known as “Redtail,” is a transformational psychologist and self-mastery coach, offering premium empowerment programs for people committed to conscious evolution, spiritual expansion, and personal excellence. He can be reached by phone at 530-604-8653 or through his website at