Chemtrails-Fact or Fiction

Chemtrails ~ Fact or Fiction

By Rahasya Poe

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What the “*@!?” Are

They Spraying On Us?


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By Rahasya Poe

I’m writing this article for a few reasons. First is the fact that our traditional media outlets are not covering this subject, for reasons I won’t go into here. Second is that this is something that directly affects the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat, so we see this as a health issue. And possibly most important of all is the fact that there is so much misinformation out there that it makes it all but impossible to find out what’s really going on without knowing where to search.

Something I have noticed through the years is our tendency to prematurely come up with answers before we’ve even thought out the questions to any extent. I think Francis Krick, who was a physicist and discovered the DNA molecules that transmit the genetic codes from one generation to the next, put it best:

The very nature of our brains evolved to guess at the most plausible interpretation of the limited evidence available makes it almost inevitable that without the discipline of scientific research we shall often jump to the wrong conclusions.” In today’s world of corporate-controlled media that spews out a mixture of misinformation and entertainment with scattered bits and pieces of truth, the words “plausible interpretation” become a ridiculous foundation for forming any kind of opinion without open and transparent research to come up with the right questions at least, let alone the right answers.


So let’s start with finding the right questions and try to avoid coming up with answers and conclusions that go


beyond the scope of what we know for sure. This way we will avoid clouding the issue with the many and varied conspiracy theories out there about chemtrails; note that I did not say “contrails.” Contrails are the commonly seen condensation trails left behind large jets that quickly dissipate within a few minutes and that can last longer than normal in certain atmospheric conditions. Atmospheric physicists say that contrails last only 60-90 seconds normally. Chemtrails get their name from “chemical trails” and they last much longer and spread out.


It’s important to note that most government agencies deny that they are spraying chemicals on unsuspecting populations. However, and this is my first Chemtrail Jetsquestion: If it were spraying chemicals on us, would the same government that has a long history of denial and secrecy admit it was spraying us with dangerous chemicals? The answer is of course not, so in an honest inquiry we really can’t put too much faith in what we are being told by the very agencies that would be covering it up. But they do openly admit to “geoengineering” and wanting to control the weather, and certain agencies, such as the National Aeronautics and Space


Administration (NASA), say that the increase of “global cloud cover” will have an adverse effect on global warming. NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have both admitted they are performing substratospheric aerosol spraying for scientific research to combat global warming. This seems to be a mixed message, which is a popular technique to cloud the issue, no pun intended. If you visit our website on this issue you will see that “chemtrails” information is even in our 8th Grade Science textbooks.


Even though this seems to be a global situation throughout Europe, let’s take a look at the local situation from Mount Shasta down through the North Valley and specifically Chico and Lake Almanor. It’s no secret that PG&E has been seeding clouds for more than 50 years to increase rainfall and snowpack. As of April 2011, our water resources are up 165 percent, which helps PGE’s Hydro Dam Profits by selling our water to other areas. It should also be noted that Lake Almanor is losing oxygen and now has a toxic blue algae growing in it. So here’s my second question: Where do all the chemicals they spray into our atmosphere end up and who is paying for this? This should be easy to answer. It should also be noted that there are no local, state, or federal laws or regulations looking out for us in this area.


Let’s look at Mount Shasta for a moment—you know, the place where a lot of our drinking Chemtrails2water comes from. According to tests done at Basic Labs, a state-certified lab in Redding, a sample taken from the Pit River Arm tributary tested at 4,610 times the maximum contaminant level for aluminum in drinking water for the state of California. A snowpack sample taken from the Ski Bowl on Mount Shasta tested at 61 times the maximum contaminant level for aluminum in drinking water. Levels of barium and strontium are also high. These tests are being done by concerned citizens at a cost of less than $25 per test, so why does the Shasta County Air Quality staff say that testing is cost prohibitive because it could cost up to $1 million.

High concentrations of aluminum have been found even in California Park Lake and Pond in Chico and in other locations such as Horseshoe Lake. I will give you some websites to look up exact details so you can do your own research. Anyone who stays in touch with the environmental issues in California knows that there are high concentrations of aluminum oxide in the soil, so high in fact that its presence is raising the Ph to a point where some plants and trees can no longer grow. So here is another question: Why is Monsanto applying for and getting seed patents for seeds that grow in soil with high concentrations of aluminum oxide at the same time that the evidence is mounting that our atmosphere is being sprayed with aluminum oxide? Is there a connection? I don’t know but it seems strangely coincidental.

As a final thought on this matter, I watched a documentary called What In the World Are They Spraying On Us? In it the documenter went to Washington, DC to ask several congressmen and congresswomen about chemtrails; only one or two seemed to have any idea what he was even talking about and most simply left him in the hallway without even answering him. This leaves me with two conclusions: One is they are simply uninformed and out of touch with the very reality they are supposed to represent, or they are part of a, and I’m sorry but I need to use this word, conspiracy. I say this because there are weather modification bills in Congress waiting to get passed. U.S. Senate Bill 1807 and U.S. House Bill 3445 are two of the many bills being put forth through what is called a “Fast Track.” There’s always the possibility that these programs may be being carried out under the secrecy of military programs but that makes me even more nervous.

It’s time we start waking up and realizing, especially after the recent financial disaster, that our elected officials are not the smartest people in the room and most of what they do at high levels does not stem from compassion for their fellow man—it comes from that age-old motivating factor called greed, greed for money and ultimately, power and control. Unfortunately the gap between well-informed citizens and citizens who simply believe what they are told by the media exists because of mental laziness and indoctrination, usually at an early age. I have yet to meet one person who has looked into this honestly and come out of it with no questions and believing the “story” we are being told. So before you start emailing me, telling me that the government says this is a hoax, please, do your due diligence and research it for yourself first.

I urge you to watch the documentary What Are They Spraying On Us? If you want, you can visit to watch the entire documentary online and to read more information on whom you can contact to find out more and sign petitions to stop experimental upper-atmospheric weather modification and geoengineering programs. I also have a page totally dedicated on ways of dealing with this. And after doing all your research, if you still think it’s a hoax, look up and explain why there are condensation trails one day and on another day similar in weather and atmospheric conditions there are none whatsoever. The only answer would be that all national and international flights that day were cancelled. It’s time we open our eyes and think about what we are seeing.

Watch my interview with Michael Murphy on

“Why Are They Spraying?”

Here are some websites for further research:


Search Terms for Google: “geoengineering” and “strotospheric aerosol geoengineering”


Terms to GOOGLE (do your own research, this is a process of uncovering the truth that no one can do for you; assimilating “truth” is much like “eating”, no one can do it for you)

* “chemtrails, redding, ca

* “chemtrails”

* “chemtrails, chico, ca”

* “chemtrails, monsanto” (why did Monsanto apply for a patent on an aluminum resistant gene? These are the questions that need answers)

Some Websites: If you know of other websites feel free to email me.

*If you want to take action, here is everything you need to research and contact people in power and sign petitions [CLICK HERE]

A good website for a lot of information:

A Local website to contact:

Agriculture Defense Coalition: and