Climate Change and More

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These interviews and documentaries are ‘just the facts.’ I won’t take you down the rabbit hole of some of the conspiracy ideas behind this subject, however, I highly urge you to do your own investigation on the twists and turns this subject can take you, just use discernment in your personal investigation.  This information is menat for the brave souls who insist on knowing the truth…wherever it takes us. Remember that “Their” biggest weapon is to keep us uninformed and worrying about the future. I’ve always liked the Portuguese word for ‘worry’, it’s ‘preocupado’ which translates into ‘what you do before you get occupied.’

Interview with Guy McPherson on Climate Change

Climate Engineering & Weather Warfare

Conversations With Great Minds ~ Guy McPherson

Interview with Michael Murphy on Chemtrails

What In the World Are They Spraying?

Why In the World Are They Spraying?

LOOK UP: Chemtrails, Geo Engineering, and Weather Modification

Arctic Death Spiral and the Methane Time Bomb

Perils of Fukushima with Dr. Stephan Hosea

You have to ask at some point, “As a global civilization, are we insane?” Yes, energy is important, but not at the risk of annihilating all life on earth. This is a well informed professional who is informing his colleges in a presentation. It’s some good basic information about Fukushima and radiation.