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Julia Worrall

Foundations for Airway and Craniofacial Excellence

By Julia Worrall, RN, Executive Director, FACE

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Do you ever look in the mirror and notice the asymmetries and flaws in your face? Of course you do—you’re only human—we all do it. But did you know that the imperfections in your face can relay underlying medical information with important health implications? Yes, the face, as with the entire body, has a lot going on beneath the surface.

A part of us intuitively knows there’s something terribly wrong with the state of our health-care system. Modern medicine has certainly played an integral role getting rid of deadly diseases such as polio, smallpox, and whooping cough, alongside the invention of insulin with its key part in treating modern-day diabetes. Antibiotics, meanwhile, have also proved to be a huge advantage, helping overcome illness and curing illnesses that previously—let’s face it—people would have died from. Now there is a new problem to deal with: Big Pharma. Big Pharma has gotten filthy rich on the back of inventing cures to deadly and previously incurable illnesses, and it uses its vast resources to convince us that medication is the be-all and end-all answer to all our woes. And we’re finally starting to realize that this is a Big Lie.

We have failed members of the general population by leading them to believe that the cures for their health come from outside of them. One thing that we aim to achieve through FACE Foundation is to help providers to go back to the basics of anatomy and physiology to start paying attention to something so simple that it’s often overlooked: facial structure. More than beauty (or lack thereof), we’ve found that the structure of the face will determine its function. Its function—how you breathe, how you chew … heck, even how you wink—has massive implications on your health and well-being.

Take, for example, a child with scoliosis, his spine twisted so that he doesn’t stand up straight. Any medical professional worth his or her salt would have concerns about how the child’s underlying organs are and will continue to function as his condition develops and would take steps to correct his spinal alignment accordingly. But did you know that there also exists a condition called facial scoliosis? If you’re like most people, probably not. And think about the major underlying organs beneath our facial structure: brain, airway, and cranial nerves—life-force essentials. Yet, other than in terms of superficial beauty, no one is paying attention to the face.

Knowing this, FACE Foundation has teamed up with medical, dental, and other health-care providers with the aim of realigning our facial structures and, in turn, our health. Rather than looking at a face and assigning an attribute of attractiveness or unattractiveness, we need to be looking at a face and assigning a functional appraisal—is there something we can correct to help the entire organism to work properly?

What we love about the group of people who are reading this magazine is that our readers’ minds are open to the possibility that we’ve been missing something. We are excited to share with you what recent science and research show in terms of getting back to the basics of anatomy and physiology. We have a keen eye on the development of the craniofacial structure by the power of the tongue and nasal breathing and its impact on the entire system, and we’ll continue to share developments with you as we discover and uncover them.

We are eager to FACE the future together and revolutionize the world of medicine!

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