Creating the New World According to the Ancient Wisdom

Jack Allis

What Forces Must Come into Play? What Part Do You Play?

By Jack Allis

Jack Allis-Wisdom and CivilizationFew topics are more important than changing the world. It’s a wonder we don’t hear people talk about it more. One of the obvious reasons is that most people believe the world is so messed up that there’s nothing any one person can do about it. And this is correct, at least as far as our mainstream civilized old-paradigm world is concerned. As long as our civilization stays on its current course, and there’s been no evidence of change in thousands of years, then it is inevitable that it must die at some point. It is dying now. It is a basic law of the universe that anything that is not in balance with the laws of nature cannot survive. Nature will persevere. Perhaps it’s time to listen to some of our Native American traditions.

This is why when we talk about changing the world, we must talk about creating a new one, not fixing the old decadent one. This world must be built upon a completely different philosophical foundation. It must be a world that is structured differently and where people think and behave differently. Too far-fetched, many of you might say. It really isn’t at all. The indigenous people of this planet, including all the Native American traditions, present us with hundreds of models of small sustainable communities, which provided all their own needs by living in harmony with nature. Yes, they were not perfect, but these communities worked for hundreds, even thousands, of years until they were wiped out by the advance of Western civilization. This model is what we must build upon.

Our civilization is dying for one fundamental reason. It has forgotten how to live in harmony with the forces of nature and it has lost its connection with spirit. This is what we must fix.

Our small sustainable communities must be built on a spiritual foundation. Let me define what I mean here by “spirituality.” This is a form of spirituality that everybody can agree on. In this spirituality our love is for our one true mother, Mother Earth, who in harmony with the other forces of nature gives us birth and provides all our needs. As spiritual beings, it is our job to serve Mother Earth.

Like those in our indigenous models, the members of these communities will be different from people in the civilized world. They will think differently and act differently. To change the world, we must change. As Gandhi said, “Be the change that you want to see in the world.” In other words, live it. In this new world, we will reassume complete responsibility for our lives. We will no longer be taken care of from cradle to grave by institutions not of our making. We will no longer be part of an energy and money grid that turns us into slaves. We will grow, hunt, and preserve all our own food. We will have independent sources of water and power, power from the Sun, the wind, and the water. And we can trade with neighboring communities for those things we don’t provide for ourselves. Every community will have its niche.

Jack AllisAnd yes, these communities must be rural, as far from the big cities as possible. Big cities are totally contrary to the laws of nature. Nature did not design the Earth to be covered with concrete or people to be herded together and cooped up the way they are in big cities. Big cities are part of the manipulation by the elite powers that control the world to drive us off the land and rob us of our souls. Besides, when the paradigm shifts finally do arrive, the cities will be places of unimaginable chaos.

I understand that for many people this is a monumental leap out of their comfort zone and into the unknown. But I am also obligated to say that this is the only thing that will work. These opportunities are available in our world today for those who are willing to search and to reinvent themselves. There are many people like me who have been thinking about these things and preparing for a long time, and who are now living off the grid, far away from the cities, with a spiritual base, and who are showing how this can be done.

But that’s not the most important thing. What matters most is that people understand that working toward this end is a process, taking place through time. Nobody does this overnight. And there are things that can be done to start the process now. One of the most important is to become aware of the stranglehold that the old paradigm has over us, and to begin to free ourselves from this in as many ways as we can. And it starts with the little things. We can start to eat natural foods, go to alternative and natural healers, home school our children, get our news outside the mainstream media, and develop our spirituality through meditation, prayer, ceremony, and music. We must stop using public water and find a source of clean water that we use in recyclable containers. If we live in the city, we must get out into nature as often as possible, keeping this connection alive. The list goes on and on. And when the time comes to make that leap into a sustainable life, you will be ready. And you will be playing your part in creating a new world. When enough of us do this, the energy in the world will shift, and things will change, like magic.


Jack Allis is an author and spiritual teacher.  His latest novel, Blue Sun, Red Sun, is a metaphysical thriller about a sustainable community in the remote mountains that survives the collapse of our civilization to see the dawning of a new world.  Jack also practices what he preaches, living a life that mirrors his books.  In December 2012 he moved to the mountains north of Mount Shasta, where he lives off the grid, in harmony with nature.  In his previous books and DVD’s, Jack dealt with how to take spiritual action in these transformative times.  To learn more, go to You can also read other article here in the Lotus Guide like