Jack Allis


By Jack Allis

We are living in times of monumental paradigm shift, which were prophesized by ancient indigenous traditions spanning the globe, including the Maya and the Hopi. The old paradigm civilized world has reached the end of its 6000-year cycle and is on the brink of its final collapse. This is a world that must die because it is so hideously out of balance with nature and her laws. But this is not bad news. From the ashes of this dead world there comes a magnificent opportunity to create a totally new world. And I emphasize the word ‘opportunity’ because this is something that will not happen by itself. We, humanity, must make it happen. If we fail, humanity most certainly faces extinction. 

In order for humanity to survive as a species and create the new world, there are three things that must happen. #1: Sufficient numbers of humanity must break the spell that has been cast upon them by the dark powers who secretly rule the world. #2: The old paradigm civilized world must get out of the way by collapsing once and for all. As long as this world is in place, it is the single greatest impediment to meaningful change. #3: We must use the model shown to us by indigenous people spanning the globe, including virtually all the Native American traditions, of living sustainably and in harmony with nature, and doing this in the only way possible, in small communities.

#1: Breaking the spell. This one comes first because everything else depends upon it. This begins by learning the truth about how our world really works, sinister and dark as it is. The truth is there is a conspiracy in our world that holds the vast bulk of humanity under its sway. Our world is owned and controlled by a tiny group of people, or beings, who operate entirely behind the scenes and who use their incredible wealth and power to create a vast world of illusion that tricks humanity into giving up its freedom and its spirit.

Once we become aware of the evil nature of the old paradigm civilized world, it becomes morally and spiritually necessary for us to let go of it as much as possible and disengage from it. It is the enemy of freedom and meaningful change, and we must stop feeding this beast our energy. We must take back ownership and control of our lives, reassuming complete responsibility for ourselves, instead of allowing the system to run our lives for us. When the spell is broken, we are able to reconnect with our higher supernatural power as free multi-dimensional spiritual beings. If we are to persevere in the challenges ahead, we will need to rely upon these kinds of powers. When enough of us break the spell and free ourselves from the illusion that bind us, we will have the power to change the world. The old paradigm will wither and die. And yes, this would be a revolution, a Gandhi-like revolution, without firing a shot.

In the alternative culture, many people believe this is already happening. I don’t quite see it that way. But they say there is a great awakening in our world today, particularly with Internet talk radio and all the online video streaming, where people are waking up to the truth about their spirituality, about the conspiracy, and about the ET presence, past and present. There may be some truth here, but it also appears that those who are awakening aren’t doing what they need to do to correct the despicable situation they find themselves in. Not enough of them are resisting the old paradigm by letting go of it and reassuming complete responsibility for their own lives. Besides, I question whether enough people are waking up at all. If they are, they certainly aren’t acting like it. People have had almost 20 years to wake up to the horrific lie about what happened on 9/11, when the truth is right before their eyes. And it’s been over 20 years now since they started spraying us with chemtrails. This atrocity is enough all by itself to start the revolution, and it’s right in broad daylight. And what about mainstream politics, both left and right, a centerpiece of the old paradigm illusion? As of this writing (September 2019), the Trump factor actually seems to be drawing more people into mainstream politics. Love him or hate him, he’s not boring and passions are insanely high on both sides. What a waste of energy. Bottom line: he’s no different than any of the rest. He’s powerless because real power in the world rests with the global elite who create our money and with the multi-national corporations that create the grid that enslaves us. My advice here is always the same. Don’t get tricked into playing the game of mainstream politics. It’s a mirage. Spend this precious energy elsewhere, like spending time in nature.    

#2: The death of the old paradigm civilized world. I know that sounds harsh, but Einstein once said you cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it. This certainly is the case here. This world cannot be reformed from within because it is too deeply corrupted and contaminated, built as if it is on the foundation of plundering the Earth and the dark conspiracy to enslave her people. We must start over, on fresh turf, with a new foundation of living sustainably and in harmony with Mother Earth and with the laws of nature. Yes, the collapse of our civilization will be catastrophic for billions around the world who depend on it to survive. My hope is that sufficient numbers of us break the spell and begin to prepare ourselves practically and spiritually. The less we depend on a doomed and decadent system, and the more we are capable of taking care of ourselves, then the less catastrophic it will be when that system is no longer there.

#3: Creating the new world on the foundation of small sustainable communities, living in harmony with the Earth, in remote places, as far from big cities as possible. This is where we can learn from our indigenous relations spanning the globe, including virtually all the Native American traditions. These were people who were successfully living this way for hundreds, even thousands of years, until Western imperialism wiped them out. This is the model we must use to create the new world.

Some of us are already doing this, showing that it can be done. Over the last 12 years I have written four books and three DVDs on this, and for the last seven I have lived in the remote mountains, off the grid, with spring water and solar power. In order for all this to work, more people need to step up and help to lay this foundation, enough to make a difference. And time is running out.

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