David Icke Interview

David Icke Interview

in San Francisco

A special thanks to Ken & Corinne Kaufman at New Living EXPO

for arranging this interview for Lotus Guide

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For anyone involved in the research around government conspiracies and alien intervention into our bloodline, David Icke needs no introduction. For those who may not know of David, let me give you a little background.


There are many people on our planet that are waking up more than ever, partially due to the overwhelming stupidity of how world governments, banking systems, and religions are handling things and partially due to a natural shift of planetary consciousness coming our way. This shift has been talked about for many years by many people, myths, and prophecies.

Peak Everything

It seems to me, and this is just my opinion, that we need to break down our outdated ways of viewing the world to start envisioning a new and sustainable civilization. If any one of the situations were true, like peak oil, water shortages, food supply, genetically modified seed stock, religious and politically fueled wars, over population, to name a few, things would be critical. However, with all these things going on and coming to a climax together we need to really pay attention and rethink how we see the world we live in.


Let’s use the analogy of the Titanic. We need to do much more than rearrange the deck chairs; I think that’s obvious to most people who give this even a little thought. What’s not so obvious is the fact that most people don’t have the factual information about the situation we are “all” in. For one thing, we have huge industrial interests that are making massive amounts of money “drilling holes in the hull of the Titanic.” Most of our industry is fueled by capitalism and competition and the “bottom line” is all that matters. This is not sustainable to us or our environment.


So what are we to do you might be asking. We are doing it at this moment, spreading the word far and wide, getting people to start talking about this and waking them up. We created the world we are living in while we were half asleep, imagine what we can do as we are waking up using love and compassion as our compass.


Alien Readers

Iron Age Beliefs

in the 21st Century?

Will this be easy? Absolutely not, but we can do it if we have the courage to ask the tough questions. Questions like, “Is it wise to let whole societies claim they and they alone are special and have a direct line to the creator of the universe and thereby have the divine right to do whatever the voice in their head tells them to do?” “Is it right to give governments so much power knowing they will abuse it and misuse the funds they suck out of hard working people? “Is it somehow a good thing to wake up on a planet where no one knows what’s really going on yet most of the inhabitants pretend they know the most profound of cosmological mysteries ever asked?” “Is it smart to continue looking to Iron Age belief systems for our moral guidance when history has spoken clearly that madmen of every age uses our sacred scriptures to validate the most horrendous actions known to mankind?”


Yes, these and other questions just like them are tough and it’s much easier to turn away and give certain groups special dispensation but the time for the “silenced majority” has come and that time is now to stand up and be heard. We hope you enjoy our interview with David and if you want to know more about him visit www.davidicke.com . You can also visit my personal website www.RahasyaPoe.com for my book “To Believe or Not to Believe: The Social & Neurological Consequences of Belief Systems” which looks deeply into how we use, or missuse, our minds and how this affects our global societies.