Disturbing the Sound of Silence

Rahasya Uncensored

By Rahasya Poe

In all fairness I should tell you where I’m at, and not necessarily where I’m coming from which will probably become clear by the end of this article. First thing to say is that I’ve never resonated with the mob mentality. Highly charged polarized points of view no longer attract me into their madness fueled only by the blind ignorance of opposing points of view. I also don’t respond all that well to inflexible blind authority, which came up in my interview with the Paradise Police Chief, and with which he surprisingly agreed. And finally, I need to make this clear, I’m not guided by the need to be agreed with when it comes to me speaking my truth and being my authentic self, especially when it’s backed up by research and facts; I’m on my knees to no organizations or people. In my opinion, it’s time we all get off our knees and look each other in the eyes as brothers and sisters. I also want to add that these are my points of view and don’t necessarily reflect the attitudes and opinions of our advertisers.

I recently started learning Simon & Garfunkel’s song, Sound of Silence, and realized the deep timeless truth of the profound message it holds. It starts out with “Hello darkness my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again”. I feel we all need to start talking with the darkness that surrounds us now. In the last issue I spoke to the fact (an important word by the way) that the AntiFa organization is far from being anti fascist and most everyone agrees with that in America.

Then there’s Black Lives Matter and I know that this is such a polarized subject that anyone in his or her right mind would not even touch it. What I can say without entering into the insanity of politics is this; follow the money and its timing. All I’m saying is we should never be afraid to look closely at everything going on right now and come to our own conclusions.

So let’s go on and get into what I see is a subject that we can all agree on, and quite simply, if you don’t agree…you’re on the wrong planet and for sure reading the wrong magazine. The subject is “children”. It has been “In the naked light I saw, ten thousand people, maybe more (much more); people talking without speaking, people hearing without listening, and people writing articles that voices never share…and no one dares to disturb the sound…of silence”.

What do you think has been happening to the children during this shutdown where 99 percent of the people under 65 survive? They are at home on their computers and on the Internet. Guess who else is there…child traffickers and pedophiles using very sophisticated technology and psychology to ensnare children into situations that will rob them of their innocence.

I know this may be uncomfortable for some of you and if it is, you need to get over it in my opinion so we can all start dealing with this and go after these monsters hiding on the Dark Web. Conservatively speaking there are over two million children being held in slavery for sex as I write this; and it gets far worse, believe me when I say ‘far worse’. No matter how uncomfortable you might be right now, imagine what these children are going through at this very moment.

It’s sad but true that “fools do not know that silence, like a cancer grows”. It’s time that we hear the words of children crying out for help and realize that “their words, like silent raindrops, have fallen into the wells of silence”.


Martin Luther King once said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” “Only in the darkness can you see the stars.”

Well, the darkness is upon us and this is what makes it possible to see the stars and hear the cries of innocence. MLK also said that you could judge the quality of a civilization by how they take care of their children. It doesn’t require a prophet to write these obvious truths on a subway wall, it only takes a compassionate and open mind and heart.

Admittedly, this topic is too much for some people to bare, which I feel is a testament to the weak spiritual fortitude we see in so many in today’s world. The myopic perspective I hear in statements like “systemic racism runs rampant throughout all law enforcement in America and should be defunded” while close to eighty-one percent of black people disagree according to a recent Gallop pole is mind boggling (ref: tinyurl.com/gallup-81). Law enforcement definitely needs to be overhauled from top to bottom, but if we indiscriminately cut their funding what do you think is going to be cut first? There are two types of law enforcement when it comes to investigation, “reactive and proactive.” Reactive is where it’s in their face or lands on their desk; Proactive is where they go out and often go undercover and investigate to see what’s going on. Proactive will be the first to go as seen in New York and that’s the only chance we have of uncovering child and human trafficking on a local level. Yes, it’s in our local communities. Of course training and fair wages will also go which will leave us with the very problem we wanted to deal with. I suppose an example easy to understand is that doctors are in many cases responsible for the deaths of their patients, sometimes consciously and directly. But it would be childish to say that all doctors are bad and out to get you and that doctors are part of a systemic problem throughout America.

A Final Thought: When the Civil War started it had less to do with slavery and more to do with the banks in France and England, which is another story. So how did it become a war to free the slaves you may be asking? From what I can gather, the catalyst was when Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote the novel, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” which the “fake news” of the day spun as an abolitionist attempt at propaganda and was banned (much like YouTube & GOOGLE are censoring information that appose the ongoing narratives of the corporate media). But this book, along with the outspoken people of those days like Fredrick Douglass, David Walker and women like Harriet Tubman who was a “conductor”, as they were called in the Underground Railroad that freed many of the slaves, put pressure on Lincoln to make this part of the Civil War goals.

This brings us to what’s happening today with Human & Child Trafficking (Slavery) for everything from commerce to sex. There’s an organization, one of many, that was started by Tim Ballard called “Operation Underground Railroad.” They have made well over 2,000 arrests of human traffickers and saved hundreds of children worldwide. There’s a documentary on NETFLIX and AMAZON Prime as well as many YouTubes about him. The fact (there’s that word again) that we see very few movies about this, even though people like Harvey Weinstein and others in Hollywood are deeply involved, tells me that they don’t want this to come out…too late. What is it that makes this possible with hundreds of millions of dollars involved…International Banking systems? Why don’t we see it more in the news media? It’s because many of them are involved at some level and to some degree, and it would be a problem if the magnitude of their involvement and participation were revealed.

Even though there may be undertones of politics in this article, be assured, my only goal is to do my part in putting light on, and speaking up for those among us who have no voice and no way to go out and protest in the streets. My challenge to you is to “dare to disturb the sound of silence.”

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Rahasya Uncensored, Rahasya@usa.com

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