Do You Know the Purity of Your Vitamins We do

By Donald Payne-July 2015 Issue

Hello again, dear reader. The abundance of summer fruits and vegetables has arrived! How wonderful that all of these delicious fruits and vegetables grow right near where we live, so that we pick them and eat them fresh. It’s much different from living in an urban area covered in concrete and tall buildings. That’s not to say that our great cities do not have their own type of charm; however, one cannot grow tomatoes in asphalt! Actually, Chico and the surrounding areas are a wonderful mix of cultures: (1) agri-culture and (2) a good deal of the arts (probably due to our university here in Chico and to the amazing natural beauty of our Northern California land). I hope you all find yourselves picking a ripe peach off a tree this summer and biting into the fresh taste. I know you will love the experience. The experience of using vitamin and herbal supplements also should be one of healing and should support not only your taste but also support a quality life.Donald1-web

So, more than 25 years ago, dear reader, we investigated different supplement companies to represent the S&S brand name and one company really stood out from the rest. The S&S label company we chose is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a pharmaceutical manufacturer, which also means it can manufacture drugs if needed or contracted.

Our S&S label supplements are so clean; there are no other better-quality supplements on the market. Please ask me for an information paper about our S&S-label supplements. I know you will be impressed with the lab’s strict adherence to purity and quality materials and testing at its state-of–the-art facilities.

The quality of supplements becomes so important for us in our era of chemical and industrial poisoning of our food and environment and our high-stress, demanding lifestyles that create a need for more nutritional support, not less.

So as you turn to nutritional help, two of the most logical choices besides our private-label supplements would be New Chapter Vitamins and Minerals and Bluebonnet Nutrition.

New Chapter has long been considered the certified organic line of vitamins and minerals, as well as having amazing medicinal herbal capsule formulas. You might try New Chapter’s One Daily Multi line for women or for men and everyone should be using New Chapter’s famous Zyflamend to support healthy normal responses and New Chapter’s Zyflamend Nighttime, which is a great sleep aid.

Bluebonnet Nutrition’s Super Earth, Single One Daily multivitamin and mineral is an amazing supplement to fill in the nutritional gaps of your everyday diet shortcomings and help supply enough nutrients to cover many stressful life changes.

Also, to help those who are on the go and cannot eat a full meal, we sell Bluebonnet’s Whey Protein that you can add to a carrot juice and kale–based smoothie (never ice cold, and always sipped and mixed with your saliva before swallowing to stimulate chewing your food). You might also add a tablespoon of Bluebonnet’s Liquid Calcium and Magnesium to boost the mineral content because you do use a lot of calcium and other minerals to digest and process protein to create blood.

Another quality supplement you could add to that drink would be a teaspoon of Nordic Naturals Omega 3 fish oils. Nordic Naturals (the premier fish oil company) liquid Omega 3 gives you high doses of anti-inflammatory blood viscosity–altering EPA and DHA omega 3s. High doses of DHA also nourish the brain and support healthy eye development. And Nordic Naturals has an Ultimate Omega with Vitamin D capsules if you prefer.

Speaking of vitamin D, most of us who live in “air-conditioned and heated boxes” do not get enough exposure to the sun and may not be getting enough vitamin D. Recently I went to the doctor and had a blood test. And even though through that blood test my vitamin D levels were within a low range of normal, my doctor still told me to take 5,000 IUs of vitamin D daily for the rest of my life!! And you know what—I agree. So every day I use 5,000 IUs of Bluebonnet’s Vitamin D. I know the quality is good and I hope this quantity is enough to raise me to the “good” middle range.

Meanwhile, from my past and from my experience through the years, I know my liver can use some help on a regular basis and a couple of times per year I try to do a modified blood cleanse to take a load off my liver and kidneys. I turn to Nature’s Way Herbal Company’s Thislyn, milk thistle extract capsules, to help me boost my phase II liver enzymes (cytochrome p450 enzymes) so that phase II stays ahead of phase I to keep filtered-out poisons from pooling back into the bloodstream. Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, MD, writes in his book Dr. Gaynor’s Cancer Prevention Program that 175mg three times a day will lend a “complete hepatoprotective effect,” even helping the liver to chelate out amanita mushroom poisoning, which is how it is used in Germany and other Western European nations (Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, MD, was previously the director of Medical Oncology at the Strang Cancers Prevention Center and now practices medicine in New York, NY).

In addition, as the Thislyn helps the liver to dump poisons into the small intestine, I use a Nature’s Way Red Clover Combination capsules to further cleanse the blood and push the toxins and debris through the bowels. Win! Win! Protect the liver—cleanse the blood. Sometimes I even use the Nature’s Way Red Clover Combination every other day for two to four weeks to effect a more long-term cleansing program. As long as you use quality-tested pure herbs and supplements you can formulate a plan to support different health needs. Nature’s Way offers hundreds of pure herbal and nutritional products—look for them on sale in August.

One last refreshing bite into a super-quality nutritional brand is the Source Naturals and Planetary Herbal Formulas product line. Planetary Herbals products are mostly formulated by the oriental medicine doctor and licensed acupuncturist Dr. Michael Tierra, so all of the formulas are partly his brainchild and part ancient Chinese formulas.

Michael Tierra’s Stone Free formula helps support normal (no stones) kidney and bladder function. The wonderful Astragalus Jade Screen supports deeper immune system development. Planetary Formulas Inflama-Care turmeric and Boswellia complex with other supportive herbs and nutrients is to keep inflammation responses down to either necessary or reasonable levels. I personally have used Planetary’s Inflama-Care and Planetary’s Astragalus Jade Screen to great success. The nice thing about Astragalus Jade Screen is you can use it now and throughout the cold and flu season, long term, because it is building rather than stimulating. So, Planetary’s Astragalus Jade Screen really is a tonic, tonifying the immune system for long-term immunity. So many quality formulas from Planetary Herbals and great supplements from Source Naturals are all on sale this July.

I pray you are able to enjoy the amazing tastes of this summer’s fruits and vegetables and are able to maintain a great level of quality in your lives on all fronts. Good-quality food makes good-quality blood, makes good-quality thinking and feeling, makes a good-quality life.

Prayers that you enjoy your summer.

Donald Payne

S&S Produce & Natural Foods