Doing the Greatest Work

terry cole-whittaker

…in the World


By Terry Cole-Whittaker


There is no activity, work, or intention more valuable and important than our own self-realization and self-activation of our authentic, divine, and eternal self. All else in this world is temporary and changing, as well as distracting us from our greatest work, our eternal self, free of layers of ignorance about who we are and all that is. When people know who they are and grounded on Earth, barefoot and in nature as much as possible, as well as centered in their own wisdom state of all knowing and supreme soul pleasure, the longer those people do their spiritual work, the happier, healthier, and more confident and empowered they become.

On the other hand, a person who is absorbed in regretting, trying to change the past, concerned only with what will happen in the future and a victim consciousness, lives in a state of fear, guilt, self-doubt, and dissatisfaction, all generated from thoughts of fear of failure.

Alan Watts: If you think before you act,
the devil will always catch you.


We have been and are being continuously programmed to believe at the deepest level of consciousness that we are not good enough, there isn’t enough, what we have is not good enough, and our time is running out. You and I are the eternal now and not a meat stick that will be sick and die, put in a box in the ground or burned up, when we are life and eternity. All the outer is just appearance that we experience as real when we are real and the outer is the effect, the creation, aka manifestation.

Terry Cole-Whittaker

Investing in one’s self-awareness and divesting one’s consciousness of the false narratives plaguing us through subconscious programs made of thoughts and their definitions and meanings, all given to us and not from us, is our most important work, because we are the manifesting consciousness of the ever-changing outer world, projection. The outer reflects one’s agreed-upon reality.


Srimad Bhagavatam 12.5.8: The atma (individual soul/self) is not subject to creation and destruction. It is different from the gross and subtle bodies since it is self-luminous. Like the ether, it is the support for everything. It is without change, without end, and beyond comparison.


Srimad Bhagavatam 12.5.6: The material bodies, qualities and activities of the atma are created by the material mind. That mind is itself created by maya (illusion). Because of the upadhis (deceiving one’s self), the atma (soul) assumes material existence.


Instead of trusting our divine knowing, we are being directed through intellectual and religious indoctrination to find our answers and solutions to problems in what they offer through their words. Their words believed and emotionalized produce their reality, not ours, whoever they are. Self-doubt is a huge problem because it invalidates you and gives letters, numbers, sounds, words, and symbols your position as a god and makes you a helpless victim.

What is modern education other than the programming through intellectualism and religion so that the crabs stay in the bucket and are kept under control by the crabs themselves pulling anyone trying to get out, back down into the bucket to continue to be a normal, predictable, and, thus, a controllable crab. This is how the quill is mightier than the sword through the control of the mind as a weapon to capture divine beings and make them an energy source to produce whatever the writer wants. This reality is created from sound/words producing light with our intention and emotions as fuel of manifestation producing the virtual reality, when only you and I, the divine, are real and eternal.

Ingo Swan in his books Secrets of Power I and II explains the ways in which humanity has and is being depowered. Even the word depowered is not in the dictionary to hide the cause of all human and animal suffering, although the word empowered is.

It’s truly all about you, but not about the mind, which is all about memory, changing the past, changing yourself to suit others, or worrying about and trying to prevent future pain, loss, and suffering. Yes, we are using words; the key is to know what you are speaking into manifestation, choose your words consciously, and eliminate all subconscious programs meant for you to depower, stop, and abuse yourself and others. Dig out and dump!

When we doubt our divine knowing, we are being directed through intellectual and religious indoctrination to find our answers and solutions to problems in what these offer through their words. Their words believed and emotionalized produce their reality, and that is one problem after another with a population terrorized, used, and immobilized.

Real human beings are divine beings with all godlike qualities, abilities, and powers, whose nature is compassionate, empowering, and nurturing. Real divine beings endeavor for the benefit of all sentient beings, including animals. But our greatest strength, the sweetness of our divine nature, is also our greatest weakness: the lack of discernment, naïveté, and the belief that all human beings are like us, when this is not true.

When a person believes that the thoughts, words pouring through the mind         are true and absolute, the person is giving life to words made of letters with meanings, all given and forced upon us by so-called authorities, when each of us is an eternal spark of the source and substance of all, our protector and maintainer.


Essene Gospel of Peace, teachings of Yeshua: God wrote not the laws in the pages of books, but in your heart and in your spirit. I tell you truly, that the scripture is the work of man, but life and all its hosts are the work of our God (Source).


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