Smell the Roses-Donald Payne

Taking Time To Smell the Roses

By Donald Payne

Hello again, dear reader. Recently, I went for a walk with my wife (we live in Paradise) and as I was walking I marveled at the pine trees and birds, just the noises of nature. What an incredible world and what an amazing existence. We are so sheltered in this area, more rural and not such a dense population. So we get to enjoy and experience the lessons and blessings that nature expresses constantly.

Anyway, I reflected on how much goodness we must have accumulated along the path of our life stream (how many lives?) in order for us to be allowed to live here now, now instead of being in the middle of a war-torn country, being bombed, no food, no clean water.

Around this time of year the feelings of a holy gratitude begin to fill me. Also, that is the nature of wintertime. We harvest our crops and store up our foodstuffs for the winter snows. During the winter cold all things slow down and the change leads us to more internal and spiritual work (whereas in the summer we were active and focused on the external world and physical activity).

We all know this cycle of life yet very few really look into and use these changes for greater growth. In fact, there really is nothing else but this cycle—birth, animation, death, resurrection, and on and on. The seed sprouts, becomes a tree, grows fruit, fruit drops to the ground, and goes back to soil to nourish the tree again. The creation, animation, and destruction of all phenomena can be looked at as no more than the attraction and/or repulsion of the two bipolar forces yin (winter, cold, and space) and yang (hot, summer, and time).


“To come directly into Harmony with this reality

just simply say when doubt arises, “Not two.”

In this “Not two” nothing is separate,

nothing is excluded,

no matter when or where.

Emptiness here, emptiness there,

but the infinite universe stands

always before your eyes.”

From “Verses on the Faith Mind” by Sengstan

All of this from my wife and I taking a walk!!

Anyway, I share this train of thought knowing that so many in our world are suffering because of a low level of consciousness-fear-greed-egotism-low levels of education and lack of care and love and guidance. My prayers are that all people will return to eating a whole-foods diet, begin chewing each mouthful 30-40 times, and heal their digestion, blood, body, mind, and soul. All change begins by changing the blood. The internal environment changes first and then the external environment follows suit. The humble person with gratitude in a high station shines like the light of the sun, while the humble person with gratitude in a lowly position cannot be passed by! Why? Because there is great strength in humility and gratitude and no matter where your place in life is, it is always somehow noticed and rewarded.

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As for me, I think I’ll take another walk and continue to deepen my gratitude for living such an amazing life in such an amazing area of this incredible country—thank you. Water, air, and food—thank you.

All of the wonderful people I have met and so many I love—thank you eternally.


Happy Holidays,

Donald Payne

S&S Produce & Natural Foods