Camp Fire

Yes, against all odds we are still here serving the Northern CA area and will be true to our responsibility of telling the truth and informing our readers so they have the best information possible.

We survived the 2008 Financial meltdown created by Wall Street and the Banking institutions, we also survived the Paradise Campfire, and now with COVID-19 taking what advertisers we have left we are still standing.

But we need your support, small or large donations, they all add up. I’ve never been comfortable asking for Donations but I know what the Lotus Guide means to so many residents throughout the North Valley areas. Thankfully we have advertisers who feel the same way as we do and have been supportive throughout these times, and we are very grateful and so are our READERS. We’re all still here 🙂

Thank you, Rahasya & Dhara

P.S. We do have a non-profit status so if you would like to make your donation to a 501-c3, let us know.

Camp Fire

                     The Road To Our Home-Nov 2018

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There are many other ways to Donate to the families who have been so heavily impacted by the Camp Fire, you can email me at and I will send you links.

Here are some of the reports I’ve made on the Camp Fire in the Paradise & Magalia area and my interview with Robert Kennedy Jr.