September LG Column

Dr. Gayle

September 2015 LG Column

Q: My life is a struggle and not very fun. What’s the point of continuing?

A: We’re here to evolve, to do service, and enjoy the creation. Make a list of what’s fun and nurturing for you, and do something at least once a week. Exercise and meditation are natural remedies for depression, as are helping others and writing about gratitude every day. Avoid energy drains such as negative people, procrastination, and regrets about the past. Negative self-talk is very powerful because thoughts create thought forms and attract what we focus on. UC Berkeley’s Greater Good: The Science of a Meaningful Life Center offers positive ways to enhance your life: Also, DNA expression can be changed with our habits, so change your unconscious beliefs with a therapist and by consistently writing down your dreams. You might find my Mind Power workshop at the Chico Yoga Center useful for harnessing the power of thought.


Q: I’m too wrapped up in my business. How can I not be so consumed by it?

A: Try this affirmation: “My work is not me and won’t travel with me to the afterlife.” Imagine yourself in an iridescent energy bubble and your work in another to create healthy separation.


Q: I have a brain tumor so I’m thrown into thinking about death. What’s your take on it?

A: It’s inevitable. As the Buddha taught, the unchanging truth is impermanence. Most of the thousands of near-death experiences report feeling blissful. Many come back from the other dimension only because they want to help loved ones. The hard part of death is leaving people we love on this dimension and if death follows a long illness. Opportunities for growth are available in most challenges. As Carlos Castenada’s character Don Juan said, we should all live as if death is over the left shoulder so we don’t put things off or take life for granted.


Q: All religions that I know about believe in an afterlife, but is there any real evidence that this is true?

A: Our senses aren’t accurate when dealing with subtle energy in the world of quarks and atoms described by quantum mechanics. The math of string theory concluded that there are 10 dimensions although we know only three space and one time dimension. You can hear the archive of a lively debate on KCHO about the afterlife with a skeptic and me: Evidence that spirit continues is listed on my WordPress blog.


Q: I’m looking for reliable sources of information about holistic health remedies. My ignorant nurse practitioner said she didn’t have time to learn about them.

A: I recommend consulting “” for natural remedies. He’s trained at an Ivy League medical school and heads the alternative health program at the University of Arizona medical school. I recommend his free weekly newsletters for you and your NP. Dr. James Balsch’s books also list many natural remedies as does the radio show People’s Pharmacy website.


Q: My carport and garage are covered with tools such as five handsaws that I don’t need, but I can’t get myself to clean them out. What can I do to get going?

A: Set aside a half hour a day to clean it out—set a timer. Hire a student to help you so you have to focus on the job to supervise. Ask when you last used an item and if it’s not recent, put in receptacles for recycling, trash, give away, or keep.


Q: Snooping on my boyfriend is breaking my mental health, but it’s also reinforcing that I can’t completely believe him. Help! I think I might have some PTSD from my dad’s perpetual lying and cheating. I have to fight demon thoughts that my boyfriend is lying and cheating on me.

A: Clean out your leftover unconscious beliefs with a therapist, write down your dreams so you’re conscious of your fears, and use Emotional Freedom Technique. It’s the best way I know to clear out old patterns.


Q: What’s mindfulness meditation? I see it mentioned in studies of how to reduce stress.

A: Mindfulness meditation comes from Buddhism and was developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn, who generated lots of research on its positive effect. You can start by focusing your attention on your breathing or ambient sounds. There’s a lot of information on the Internet for you to explore.