Dreams and Nightmares

Dreams and Nightmares

We all dream.

By Margaret Van Laan Martin


Humans have dreamed from the beginning of time.

Aborigines have dream time. Celts have visions. Native Americans use vision quest as a rite of passage. Dream interpretation is written about in the Bible.

When we dream we are adding to humanity’s collective knowledge to be shared by all. Information gathered in the process of dreaming becomes universal, a part of everyone’s “knowingness.”

Dreams communicate to us at a soul level. All parts of the dream are aspects of ourselves, even if we do not see them in ourselves at the time.

Carl Jung stated that our dreams are continually saying things beyond our conscious comprehension. We have intimations and intuitions from unknown sources. Fears, moods, plans, and hopes come to us with no visible causation.

Our dreams come in the service of health and wellness. They are centered on revealing the character of the person the dreamer

is developing and growing into.

Archetypes, as described by Carl Jung, are dreamed by all people in all cultures. Archetypes are an energy guide to your highest potential. The archetypes are dynamic forms that shape perception and behavior. Archetypal behaviors are typical, eternally repeated behaviors among human beings. Dreams are effective because our unconscious learns through pictures, symbols, and stories and so therefore we get our information easily when we dream.

According to psychologist and dream analysis expert Jeremy Taylor, PhD, “Dreams come with multiple levels of meaning to subtlety expand and develop our individual and collective consciousness and serve our revolving health and wellness.”


“If a dream is remembered at all, the dreamer is completely capable of working with all the issues of the dream. Health and wellness is the long run outcome. Even if the dreamer thinks they cannot handle the information, they can. If the dream is remembered, the dreamer is standing on the threshold of transformation and ready to start to deal with it.

—Jeremy Taylor, PhD

Age of Aquarius

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) will show up as nightmares. This is the last-ditch effort of our psyche to heal itself. Terror is a motivator that can be used to break the grip of the repeated nightmares. Every nightmare says to the dreamer upon awakening: “Pay attention! This is worth remembering, whether you happen to think so at this moment or not!” Even scary nightmares can be explored in the safety of a dream circle.

Dream Recall Tips:

Write down the dream as soon as possible. Keep a little notebook beside your bed and if you only scribble a few words, it will help your dream recall. Note colors, odors, and even seemingly trivial events. Note circumstances in which the dream popped to mind. Draw sketches of the visual memories of the dream (a picture is worth a thousand words). Making even the crudest stick-figure sketch of a dream often leads to sudden insights into the dream’s meaning and message and is directly related to the simultaneous activation of visual as well as verbal limbic systems of association and energy flow in the psyche.

Harness the power of your dreams in a dream circle by sharing your dreams and be part of dreaming change for yourself!

Dream Circles

Join a dream circle to come together to analyze your dreams and to support your spiritual growth. Another benefit of working in a dream circle is that the dream is experienced in the entire group, benefiting each member, because we all get the insight.

In his definitive book, Dream Work, Dr. Jeremy Taylor notes that “the vast majority of people are strengthened, liberated, revitalized, and deeply supported and affirmed by their experiences in dream groups. Group Work with dreams when done regularly generates ongoing relationships that become sources of deep emotional and psychological support of tremendous benefit to all involved.”

We can survive as a species if we do collective dream work as part of a dream circle, if we understand ourselves better by looking at our own unconscious patterns. Then we can experience genuine change because we addressed the same archetypal patterns—especially the awful patterns—so we can change them ourselves!

New … Dream Circles

As a participant in our new dream circles you will meet with other dreamers to analyze your dreams to support your spiritual growth.

Dream circle leaders:

Margaret VanLaanMartin does dream interpretation by using her psychic skills and blends these abilities with her training in projective dream work with renowned dream worker Dr. Jeremy Taylor.

Rosie Potestio is a certified interfaith spiritual director and spiritual counselor; she works with individuals and groups. For the dream circle she blends her spiritual-direction training with her dream work training from Dr. Jeremy Taylor.

Dream circle meetings:

6-8pm third Thursday of each month starting April 18

Age of Aquarius,

852 Manzanita Court, Suite 155, Chico, CA

Cost is $20 per meeting.

For more information and to reserve seating, call Margaret at 530-520-1900.

Happy dreaming!