Educate Yourself

ESept/Oct, 2005

Hello Again Dear Reader, What a fantastic summer! Anyway I hope yours was as fruitful and enjoyable as mine has been. When I left you last issue I was gathering my courage and energy to visit Las Vegas for the annual National Nutritional Foods Association Convention. Held every July at the Sands Expo Center in the Venetian Hotel on the famous Las Vegas Strip.

The emphasis every year is on educating us workers in the Natural Products Industry about the latest advances in Nutritional and Herbal sciences as well as an update on the state of health of the American public. The advances in the area of using foods, nutrition and herbs as well as Homeopathy and aromatherapy as medicine are vast and quite promising. The state of health of the people of our country is another story. It is truly a sad story of so many great people becoming so sick for lack of a better education on how to eat and what dietary supplements can do to change their health for the better. In some cases dramatically for the better. One Keynote speaker, Dr. Michael Murray N.D. (Dr. Murray is a faculty member and serves on the Board of Trustees of Bastyr University in Seattle Washington) titled his opening address “Inflammation-A Natural Perspective” ; where he spoke about how chronic micro inflammation is the underlying cause of all of our degenerative diseases in the world today. And, how we can use diet and supplements to slow down and reverse these inflammations (as you may recall I covered exactly that subject matter in our May- June issue please contact: The Lotus Guide for a reprint of that article.

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Dr. Murrays presentation used a slide show to present results of double-blind fold studies done on herbs such as Turmeric, Green Tea, Bromelain, vitamin E and other supplements. The results proved consistently to reduce inflammation. Consistently to help with pain and or chronic diseases. One of the best slides he presented showed us that a study performed and recorded by our own National Institutes of Health projected that the use of “Folic Acid” (a B-vitamin) and 400 IU’s of vitamin E alone would save our country over $2 Billion per year in the prevention of heart disease and birth defects. 2 supplements = $2 Billion! (Does the expression “DUH?” come to mind??) Then I attended a fantastic seminar, “Preventing Heart Disease: Reducing Multiple Risk Factors with ONE Herbal supplement” , from Dr. Matthew Budoff M.D. F.A.C.C., Assistant professor of Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine, Program Director, Division of Cardiology, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, and Director, Electron Beam CT Laboratory, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. (Whew! Talk about credentials!) Anyway, according to Dr. Budoffs seminar, in the U.S. we experience 1,500,000 heart attacks per year. In 1/3 the outcome is death. Of these 685,000 didn’t even know they had heart disease. So, as he says the goal is to prevent heart attacks. The risk factors include:

  • Diabetes Elevated L.D.L. (Low Density Lipids)
  • Low H.D.L. (High Density Lipids)
  • Tobacco use
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Obesity / Inactivity

With this information then Dr. Budoff explained he was commissioned by UCLA Medical Center and Wakunaga of America Corp. to use Aged Garlic Extract (AGE) in placebo controlled double-blind fold tests to see how it affected risk factors for heart disease. He was surprised to find that the AGE across the board lowered Elevated LDL, raised HDL levels, lowered high blood pressure, dramatically lowered Homocysteine levels (Homocysteine is a protein that causes platlets to clump together) and lowered elevated blood sugar levels by 17%! And no other garlic did this. It was the Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract that was so successful. He also said that he has now begun to use the Kyolic Garlic himself! Me too! Interesting however, the Kyolic Garlic was not seen to make people stop smoking, nor did it make them more active. I guess some things don’t come from a supplement. One last note, the Kyolic Garlic when used with the prescription drugs Plavix and or Coumadin did help to increase blood circulation in those patients with peripheral neuropathy but did not increase bruising or affect blood clotting time as proven with electron beam thermography. So it is safe to take with almost any medication. So many educational seminars packed into 3 days, I would need the entire Lotus Guide to translate all my notes from all of the seminars information. But to impart to you the information that most affected me, let’s just say I have added 3 new supplements to my usual routine. They are:

  1. “Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract” formula 100
  2. Country Life “Coenzymated B-Complex” (including Folic Acid)
  3. Country Life “Daily Immune Formula” (with Holy Basil and their new medicinal mushroom extract formula “MycoFusion”)

I am so grateful that every year S&S sends several of us to these amazing educational conventions. Knowledge truly is power. The promise has been made for years that I will learn and share as much of these natural healing truths with every one of you. And of course endless gratitude to you who is grasping this knowledge and healing yourself, your community and the world one by one. Sincerely Donald Payne