Energy of Your Soul


Maintaining the Energy of Your Soul

By Annie Fuller

Imagine being in the center of a large, multilayered bubble. I’m sure you’ve experienced this. When you’re in a pristine place in nature, don’t you feel expansive? When you’re frightened or angry, isn’t the contraction almost claustrophobic? This is your soul breathing.

The soul is situated in the center of our chests, in what I call the “heart/soul space.” It radiates out and encircles the body. Composed of refined and heavy energies, soul serves as a container for spirit and as a protector of our human selves. It’s a living library consisting of all we, as spirit, need to resolve and complete in this lifetime. Energy within the landscape of the soul, from the outer edge and inward, reflects and mirrors through the layers and manifests in our physical, emotional, and energetic bodies. Other names for soul are aura and human energy field.


The Q’ero, descendants of the Inka, call soul the “energy bubble.” They classify energy in two specific ways—refined, or sami, and heavy, or hucha. Hucha shows up in our lives as unhappiness and illness. Ideally, our energy bubbles are full of sami, for the more sami within one’s soul, the healthier and happier a person is.

What makes hucha? Anger, jealousy, judgment, sarcasm, disappointment, sorrow, shame, suffering, fear, and frustration are a few possibilities. Soul loss is another, for when parts of the soul are missing, hucha fills the empty spaces. We’re human. It’s normal for emotions and survival experiences to create heavy energy.

Some of us try to dissipate the hucha of a loved one by taking it on ourselves. The problem is that the person we’re trying to help might feel comfortable for a few minutes, but we’re stuck with the energy. Children do this. They want harmony in the family, so when their parents are fighting they try to resolve things by taking on the heavy energy. Later they have a tantrum, for unknown to everyone, they’ve gotten lost in their parents’ hucha. A tantrum is a child’s way to release uncomfortable feelings and heavy energy that aren’t theirs. Have you ever become lost in hucha and lashed out? When there’s too much in our bubble, we don’t feel ourselves.

Hucha lodged within the soul often builds upon itself and attracts or grows more. This can be detrimental to our health. Because soulular energy eventually manifests on the emotional and physical, hucha can become psychiatric problems, tumors, growths, and varieties of illness.

A person afraid of intimacy might energetically close his or her heart to feel safe. Years of this practice grows hucha, and the stuck energy might one day manifest as a heart attack. Autoimmune diseases are not uncommon in people with excessive soul loss, for too much heavy energy fills the spaces where soul parts should be.

This is why we want to pay attention and maintain the energy of our soul/bubble. It’s easy.


Close your eyes. Breathe deeply in through your nose and out your mouth. Take time to settle into your body. When you’re settled, begin to center. Inhale through your heart/soul space, and exhale out your entire body. In and out. Fill your body and soul with your fullness of self.

Centered? Now ground. Breathe in through your heart/soul, and imagine a cord moving down from there, through your body, and out your first chakra, (between your legs). Continue growing this cord through the floor beneath you and into the depths of Mother Earth. You’ll have a different experience each time you ground.

State an intention to release your heavy energy. You don’t have to know where it’s situated. Breathe in, and exhale it down and out, through your cord and entire body, into Pachamama/Mother Earth. Take your time. Let it all go.

When you’re complete, breathe Pachamama’s empowered sami up through your cord, and exhale it through your center into your body and soul. You’ll have lots of room. Fill your bubble with refined energy all the way to its outer golden edges. Finished? Enjoy the feeling of being centered, grounded, and full of sami. You might even be smiling.


Energy is always in a cycle of transmutation. The Q’ero say that when beings of the upper world release their hucha, we, in this middle world, receive it as sami. Pachamama is a heavy energy eater, digester, and transformer. She receives our hucha and offers it as sami for the beings in the lower worlds.

We are spirit within soul within body. Our physical and emotional health depends upon our being centered, grounded, whole, and connected to both our bodies and the Earth. When we take a few minutes each day to do this exercise—in the morning, before bed, or any time the need arises—we’re consciously maintaining our energetic health. This helps us feel solid. Empowered. Our unique, energetic selves.

If you don’t feel whole or you have a chronic medical or emotional condition, consider soul retrieval. This ancient ceremony restores vital sami and oftentimes resolves the original disease.

The landscape of our souls affects our entire human experience.


Annie Fuller, international spiritual healer/teacher, has a healing practice in Paradise. She sees clients of all ages and offers diverse workshops on shamanism, spiritual healing, and Andean mysticism. Explore her website——where you’ll discover a wealth of information and opportunities.


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