Extraordinary Love

By Lezah Young

Jeanne looks to be a small woman with a strong, gentle presence and a heavy French accent. After we greet each other and share some small talk I close my eyes to begin the Skype session.

Jeanne tells me her story: “My husband had a stroke several years ago and it left him paralyzed on his left side. He has always been a difficult man to deal with but since his stroke he is nearly impossible for me. He is so very negative and critical I feel beaten down by it all. I cannot leave him now though and yet I fear I too am dying along with him. But I am not ready to leave my body or this beautiful opportunity to live. I have more to do here. It is not my time to go, and I wonder, can you see when he will die?”

I find this soft-spoken woman very interesting. She is beautiful and youthful even though, as she’s told me, she is in her 70s. While small in stature Jeanne has a big presence; she is contained, careful, and soft but deeply confident. Her compassion stands out. I admire her commitment to her husband and sense her heart is bursting with a longing to connect with her love of life again. She is caught in a painful dichotomy between loving her husband who is no longer there and needing to let go of him to embrace her own life anew.

She went on to discuss her two sons, who still live with them. One in particular doesn’t mind caring for his father once in a while, which does give her a break from time to time. I see that her sons are rather abrasive; they’re emotionally cool and domineering men much like their father. In essence she has been under the thumbs of three men for many years.

I clear the haze that has collected around her husband, vapors that are like opaque veils or a multitude of protective layers. Once they’re removed, I’m allowed to see him and to sense what he thinks and feels.

“I feel that he wants to die but he is terrified of leaving you and his life behind. He cannot express his fear directly so he covers it up by being negative because he can’t let you see it. He equates fear with weakness and he must appear strong in his mind for you, he thinks.” I continue, “His body is strong, though, and I can not see when he will die but it is not far off.”

It is apparent to me that she must take some internal steps to release him and herself from their bond. I ask, “Are you ready Inner Growthto say good-bye to him, I mean truly ready?”

She answers, “Yes, I am.” At that moment I feel a powerful expansion take place between them and I notice her husband senses his freedom as his wife lets go of him. They are disconnecting their fears from each other and what is left is love. A potent shift has taken place within this short session. They are both ready for a profound change. I don’t often see this kind of honesty and strength of character in people but during times of death and dying a refreshing truth comes to the surface. The ego is out of the way, leaving the spirit exposed, and the light can shine through as is does today with Jeanne and her husband.

I encourage her to claim her life now. “Don’t wait any longer,” I say. “Take that trip to France. Visit with your friends now and perhaps find a group that gets together to play cards. Allow yourself to experience the fun you really want!”

Through her soft shedding of tears she agrees. Our session is over now and we say our thanks and good-byes. I am aware that I have met an extraordinary woman.

About one week later I receive a call from Jeanne, who tells me that her husband has died. When she decided to claim her life, he was allowed to claim his death, which let him leave his body. She said good-bye to him that day during our session, and on an energy level he heard her and he said good-bye too, allowing love to once again reign between them.

Lezah Young works as a life intuitive. You may reach her by telephone at 530-413-9416 or through her website,

www.inner-growth.net. Her newly published book, Inner Growth: Reaching The Middle Ground, is featured on her website.