Fabulize Life

Fabulize Life

By Lynn M. Tosello


Ladies, if you are 35-plus and your children have mastered most of what you’ve tried to teach them—they’re in their midteens, college, or adult life—you have earned the right to step away from the full-time “Mom” expression of who you are to reclaim your “woman” expression. Now is the time to return to the power of the deep feminine that filled you with joy and possibility for your life.

When you were free and independent—before marriage, children, an 8 to 5 job, a mortgage, and whirlwind activities to keep up—you had dreams of what your life would be like. Being pulled in different directions at once, you put your dreams aside; you became a part of the daily life around you, and you put your energy into meeting the demands from outside yourself.

Wouldn’t it be nice to, once again, feel your own deep feminine energy welling up inside you seeking full expression in your life?

Lynn ToselloI am adding a new facet to my practice, one that brings deep appreciation and enjoyment to our lives. I invite your participation and your collaboration as this takes form.

We will draw from ancient cultures that were thriving before the Romans overran their civilizations. Many were either matriarchal or equal societies. Much of their daily practice was Earth- and nature-centered—observances of moon phases, seasons, the cycle of life, and life force in all things—weaving in ritual, giving every activity meaning and sacredness. Appreciation was given to the stillness of night, the freshness of morning, the sound of birdsong, the opening of a flower bud, and noticing as tiny orbs of life grew into fruits and vegetables that would nourish them.

I coined the word fabulize to express the full, rich potential available to us, as womankind, in how we energize the world, bringing back an awareness that gave depth to the lives of our foremothers. We can fabulize every aspect of our daily lives while giving influence beyond our locality. As embodiments of the divine feminine, we bring sacredness, honoring, compassionate nurturing, cooperation, peacefulness, and natural beauty to nourish all life on this planet. We have this opportunity to remake the attitudes of war and control into peaceful cooperation and respect.

The egoic energy that propels countries into war for domination and exploitation of people and resources, that pushes companies and individuals into fierce competition and takeover schemes, is being replaced by a higher consciousness. That consciousness is greatly aligned with the divine feminine aspect of creation. By reclaiming our feminine energy and expressing it in our lives as we interact with family, friends, coworkers, and the community at large, we seed the planet with it. What we nurture in ourselves, now, can ensure a better future.


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