A Forgotten Approach to Chronic Disease


By Michael Turk


As modern society puts more demands on our physical and mental well-being, we often turn to food, alcohol, and drugs with numerous side effects to temporarily suppress the side effects and to numb the pain. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “More than 40% of all US opioid overdose deaths in 2016 involved prescription opioid, with more than 46 people dying every day from overdoses involving prescription opioids.” Moreover, according to the State of Obesity, it is estimated that by 2020, 36.5% of Americans will be overweight.


What If We Could Relieve Chronic Pain with a
Natural and Holistic Approach That Saves Money?

Medically supervised fasting with Chinese herbs, dating back to practices from 500 AD, is a proven place to start. Fasting not only allows one to explore foods and herbs that the body needs now to support the healing process but it also leads to a sense of calmness through the body and mind.


Four Target Zones for Optimal Health

The four target zones are modern foods, natural foods, fresh foods, and no food. Feel free to step in and out of the target zones on your journey to robust health.


Food Elimination Target|Zoning In on Health



  1. Eat more pure, healthy, and natural foods—avoid modern foods manufactured with chemicals, especially sugar.
  2. Eat more living and cultured, fresh foods—avoid starchy foods; eliminate dry goods, especially grains and beans.
  3. Eat nothing—fast from all food, no food—no carbohydrates, oils, or protein; take only tonic herbs and other supplements (vitamins, minerals, and medicinal oils) during the three daily health breaks.
  4. Enjoy it all and then just cleanse by living closer to the center—zeroing in on vitality.


The program includes 10-minute “health breaks, three times a day.” Chinese food-grade herbs called tonic herbs can be tailored to the individual’s chronic conditions. Long-term benefits accumulate from tonic herbs when they supplement a meal or completely replace food during a total fast. Some tonic herbs satisfy hunger.

To identify harmful foods or food zones, avoid the questionable foods from your diet for 10 days. After it is out of your gut, reintroduce it to test for irritation. After fasting from an outer zone for a few days, the colon is cleansed of not just the food but parasites living on that food. The blood is cyclically cleansed every 30-40 days because of the lifespan of red and white blood cells and the gradual replacement of serum. Essentially, by changing your food, you are changing your gut, your blood, and your state of well-being. Fasting is a successful anti-inflammatory that can lead to chronic disease reversal and weight loss, along with easily expelling parasites and naturally aiding detoxification. My patients report they experience more energy, without sugar cravings and hunger.


Sound Too Good to Be True?

The nutrients from Chinese tonic herbs supplement and replace food. It is the easiest way to fast from all food. This promotes repair and regeneration. First, the body lives off stored starch, sugar, and finally fat, while it recycles diseased and dead tissue. So how can you get started?


Follow These Three Easy Steps to a Total Fast:


  1. Start by eliminating modern manufactured junk food; upgrade to natural and health foods (as a guideline: five ingredients or fewer that you can actually pronounce).
  2. Next, remove “natural” packaged foods; upgrade to fresh, living, and cultured foods such as fresh fruit, vegetables, and yogurt.
  3. Last, fast from all foods: Remove carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.


To prepare for a one-day total fast, take tonic herbs and eat fresh food for 30 days before starting your first one-day fast. I do not recommend two consecutive days or more of total fasting without previous experience, guidance, and support.

Abstaining from all foods allows the body, mind, and emotions to discover the power of nothing. Herbal fasting is simple with the guidance of an experienced natural-health-care provider. Besides me, there are several other good practitioners in Chico who can facilitate in fasting.


Three Additional Tips to Take Charge of Your Gut after Your First Month of Limited Fasting:


  1. Eating on the Run: For convenience’s sake, many people do this, replacing water with sugary drinks. It can be detrimental to your health and mental well-being. Take a break from the chaos of life. Be conscientious when you eat and drink. Enjoy a meal with friends and family instead of at your desk.
  2. “Treat Foods”: Yes, they are allowed and encouraged. The human metabolic system is exercised and becomes stronger when you feast and fast.
  3. Life’s Pressure: When you feel your life getting out of control and pain creeping back, take a step back.



While fasting has been proven to improve health and longevity, discharge symptoms and the feeling of a healing crisis may occur during repair and regeneration periods of fasting. These physical and mental feelings can be managed by self-therapy and professional medically supervised bodywork, massage, moxibustion, and acupuncture. Source: National Institute of Health, September 26, 2018: https://www.nia.nih.gov/news/longer-daily-fasting-times-improve-health-and-longevity-mice

Michael Turk

If you are thinking about fasting, there has never been a better time. If you would like to learn more about how Michael and his apprentices can guide you through fasting for health, you can follow Michael Turk on Facebook. You can also schedule an appointment to start a medically supervised healing plan today by calling the Asian Healthcare Association at 530-213-3332.