Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World

By Rahasya Poe

Puna, India

I’m sure that most of us can recall that magical moment when we learned to ride our first bicycle. I remember the exact moment when all of my mental processing let go in deference to my body-mind’s taking over. In an instant, what was once almost impossible was simply happening. What was it? Balance. On a much larger level this seems to be happening in our global societies. Up to this point it has been a mental feat to try to balance the needs of so many polarized groups pulling and pushing against each other, all attempting to find balance.

As in the case of learning to ride a bicycle, this may have been necessary in the beginning stages of building a sustainable society, but imagine for a moment the stress you would be under if you never experienced that magic moment while riding a bicycle. By now you would be a nervous wreck and would probably need to give up bicycling. This is where we are on a global level—so many of us want to give up because we are so stressed out; stress-related illness alone is bringing our healthcare system to its knees.

Living in a world with so much conflict, dissention, and negativity we can find ourselves losing hope for a better world. I almost gave up trying to learn to ride my bicycle, and oddly enough, it was the feeling of giving up that allowed me to try one more time with no expectations. And then it happened, that shift of consciousness that “allowed” balance to happen from a completely different level, the level of “heart-centered consciousness.” So it may be not only OK to feel like giving up, it may even be necessary. But the point is to “not” give up … ever.

A process is at work and it’s not about believing or not believing, it’s about having our own experience and that happens with persistence and a strong desire for fairness. We are the midwives of a sacred birth on Planet Earth, a magic moment.

Rahasya Poe