Finding Om

By Kristy M. Ayala, MA

My new book, Finding Om, includes practical methods, tools, and information to support people in experiencing more happiness and joy within their lives. Since the year 2000, I’ve had the privilege of working with a large cross-section of people and I have found there were several themes or areas that came up for people, no matter who they were or how they moved through their world.

At the end of each session, I always give an activity for people to use in their daily lives to help them integrate the change they’re making. I would ask people to start implementing the activity for at least five minutes a day and then to report back to me. Some people were more enthusiastic than others about this “homework” assignment; however, I’d encourage people to give at least five minutes a day to the activity and even the more reluctant people would usually get on board with the activity before leaving.

Sometimes I would hear back from people more quickly than from others. However, when I did hear back from people I often heard the same kind of thing. People would tell me that the activity helped them and then they would ask what I affectionately started calling “The Question.”

Here’s the question:

Do you have a handout or a PDF with activities for other areas of life that I can buy?

I’d always answer the same way—by telling them that I appreciated their enthusiasm and that I was so happy the activity was helping them. I would also tell them that I thought a collection of activities was a great idea but that I didn’t have anything like that put together. Then I would tell them that maybe one day when I got around to it, I’d write one. This went on for a long time, years in fact.

Ayala-bookFinding Om is that list, finally compiled into a book. When I was working on the book, I chose 44 areas or themes that I found affected people the most through the years. This book isn’t a complete list of all of the activities I’ve ever used but it does include a lot of topics that hit home for people. The book is compiled into three parts: Physical, Mental/Emotional, and Spiritual areas of life. My intention in writing this book was to offer practical, doable, and transformative activities that would support people in making positive change.

I’ve found that seemingly small shifts or changes can create a big change through time. I’ve seen this time and again for people I’ve had the privilege of working with and in my own life as well. Often the hardest part for people is getting started. So many things can feel overwhelming when making any changes in life; however, choosing to make a change is a powerful place to start. I hope Finding Om will inspire people to begin implementing small but significant changes in their day-to-day lives. The book is meant to be used as a guide and my hope is that by using an activity from Finding Om or by becoming inspired to personalize an activity in the book, people will move forward in the way that’s right for them.

I hope that my book will support people in giving themselves permission to honor what they know is right for them. It’s never too late to make positive change and yes, you’re worth it.

Kristy M. Ayala, MA, is a professional author, speaker, integrative intuitive counselor, and life coach. Kristy has both her master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and uses her professional and educational background in conjunction with her spiritual gifts to best support her clients. You can connect with Kristy by visiting her website