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for “Vibrational Immunity”

By Lila Devi

The COVID-19 virus is currently causing great concern bordering on panic in many parts of the world. While vulnerable populations are at serious risk – especially the elderly and those with underlying health conditions – it does not present the serious mortality rates of other recent viruses, at least so far. Even so, based on the pandemic fear it’s creating, it seems to have a life force of its own, leaving a trail of anxiety in its wake.

With the forward-moving evolution of humanity, more people these days understand the importance of seeking energy-based options as well as medical treatment for their ailments. The most successful alternative therapies are those that awaken our life force, such as flower essences. These herbal infusions work by stimulating our positive attributes. Thus they can initiate a more powerful energy flow within us.

While flower essences do not treat the physical symptoms of COVID-19, they can help us to reclaim our inner peace, innate sense of dignity with healthy boundaries, and indomitable strength in the face of obstacles – all helpful qualities to maintain our wellness. The importance of flower essences as vibrational alternatives is becoming more widely accepted as we begin our journey to take responsibility for our own well-being. As Texas acupuncturist Dr. Robert Murdock, wrote, “This has to be the most powerful treatment I’ve ever come across. Acupuncture was the strongest treatment I had found to date. Flower essences rival it.”

Here are several flower essence recommendations to help you maintain a “vibrational quarantine” from the virus. Each of these four essences powerfully express how it can strengthen the human life force. They can introduce balance, enhance magnetism, raise energy, and provide a more superconscious approach to the perception and handling of this disease.


You may want to follow this 4-week program in this order, taking each flower essence singly for 1 week – several drops, several times a day on an empty stomach:

1. Pear Essence: for peacefulness, especially for emergency situations such as COVID-19, as well as to sensitize you to the other flower essences in this program. Pear can help you to accept whatever happens. When we resist the natural flow of events, either positive or negative, we can lose great amounts of energy. That energy right now can be better applied to staying strong, centered, grounded, positive, and free from mass panic—much like the pear tree itself that grows in temperate climates and needs little maintenance to produce nutritious and soothing fruit.

  1. Tomato Essence: for the courage to overcome our fears. The laws of attraction demonstrate that we draw to ourselves that which we fear. While there is a fear-based element to this virus, it’s even more important to be courageous, at the same time taking every precaution to stay well. For those few who might contract the virus, this flower essence can help them to be “Tomato Warriors.”3. Strawberry Essence: one of the most popular for the Japanese people. Its message is about grounding, setting healthy boundaries, and being very solid in yourself. Most flowers grow vertically, while the strawberry plant grows horizontally on the ground by extending its runners and manifesting beautifully rich white blossoms. In taking this flower essence, we begin to express its noble qualities that are so important to maintain in the presence of threats to our overall health.4. Spinach Essence: for simplicity, this flower essence is excellent to combat feeling stressed ore overwhelmed – two of the most prevalent offshoots of the virus. Spinach Essence, prepared from the plants’ bolted blossoms, can help to build a sense of trust that we will do our best to nurture our total well-being.


These four flower essences, recommended above from a complete line of 20, are based on the insights of the world-renowned master teacher, Paramhansa Yogananda (1893-1952), widely known for his classic book, Autobiography of a Yogi. He explained the psycho-spiritual qualities contained in the corresponding fruits and vegetables. “Eat cherries to develop cheerfulness,” he recommended, for example. Foods, he said, have “vibrational vitamins” as well as biochemical nutrients. Yet within the blossom exists 90 percent of the plant’s life force. Herein lies the key to the potency and vibrancy of flower essences.

Based on this compilation of the psycho-spiritual qualities of certain foods, flower essences energize our sattwic (spiritually uplifting) qualities through the extraordinary life force found in the blossoms of fruit trees and vegetable plants. Flower essences are an outstanding form of “bottled life force” from nature.

The use of these metaphysical herbs can draw us tangibly closer to our own perfect well-being. We are spiritual beings living in a material world. Hence our own life force is the source of our wholeness. Flower essences can help to unlock that flow of internal power. They can touch, influence, and stimulate us to remember who we truly are—perfect expressions of Spirit.

Stay well . . . and check out these resources: 3-minute videos on each flower essence plus other practical home-page videos; Home Study Courses; 7-Week Chakra Blend Challenge Program; 2 books free online (The Essential Flower Essence Handbook and Flower Essences for Animals); and more: www.spirit-in-nature.com and for books only, www.liladeviauthor.com, 530-478-7655, info@spirit-in-nature.com

Lila Devi founded Spirit-in-Nature Essences in 1977, the oldest flower essences within the U.S. and globally outside the U.K where flower essences first began. She graduated with honors from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Psychology and a secondary teaching certificate. Today she is recognized as one of the foremost flower essence developers in the world today. She lives outside Nevada City and is available for private flower essence consultations (in person and by phone) and programs.

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