Flowers are the Messengers of the Angels

Flowers are the Messengers of the Angels

By Dr. Meredith L. Young-Sowers

As human beings we have real need to find a source of wisdom and compassion that help us better frame our worry and unsettledness into more useful expressions of our feelings. For me that guidance often comes from the angels by way of one of my most earthly loves – flowers. The angels, guides, and spiritual teachers, visible and invisible, have been sources of guidance, inspiration and learning through every major religion and sincere spiritual practice. Guidance wasn’t a new concept when I discovered the powerful and uplifting messages coming through flowers from the angels.

I’d had other meaningful and life-shifting experiences from the invisible world of Sprit, but this energy from the angels was different. It was creative at the same time so direct I knew it could heal our lives as we struggle with how to live in a loving and compassionate way with each other and with Mother Earth. Understanding that flowers are the messengers of the angels came to me one morning in my garden of vibrant pink, red and white peonies. I was drawn to the intricate flower with its multiple layers of ruffles and I found myself feeling uplifted and inspired in a new way. Suddenly I knew the guidance coming through these flowers was from a form of energy closely aligned with God’s message of love for all of humanity—I recognized the energy as coming from the angels. Angel guidance is offered in a clever way because it asked us as human beings to study the flowers closely enough with an open heart so we can understand through their colors, shapes, design and growth patterns that symbolically there is guidance for our lives—what is out of alignment—and how to bring it back into alignment with our goals and dreams.

The guidance to me that morning from the peonies, for example, was to concentrate on the many overlapping layers of joy and happiness that were available to me—to pay more attention to the positive then the negative events in my life. My Angelic Messenger Cards – a divination and guidance deck that allows access to the Divine messages for your life through the beauty of flowers —were born that day and I went on to study the flowers around me intently, to listen, to learn what the angels were revealing through this incredible source of beauty.

From the flowers I gathered forty four aspects of Divine Guidance that represent our present challenges and the messages the angles are delivering. Over the years thousands have gotten the guidance that they need to live their lives in more awareness. Jennifer is a perfect example of the power of the guidance God gives us through the flowers. Jennifer was furious with her partner after a disagreement over a seemingly trivial issue that escalated into a major break-down in their communication. As she drew an Angelic Messenger Card the following morning, she drew forgiveness. It suggested the issue she was facing was accepting responsibility for your life; releasing blame and the judgment of others.

She related later to me that as she read the words of the message she found her heart beginning to open. She felt a little softer and more available for communication and reconciliation. As she closed the forgiveness reading, she wrote down the phrase from the book that was most significant to repeat throughout the day to relieve the suffering of her heart. The phrase was I forgive you, and I forgive me for being caught in the process of change and for our being unable to see each other clearly.

Each of us has the opportunity to receive guidance like Jennifer and to change our lives day-to-day to be more open and loving. Here are some things I know to be true:

Begin by accepting that you are already in contact with your angel. The times you’ve been helped and steadied, the insights, wisdom, and unexpected answers that you’ve received, all come through the energy current of Diving Love. v Angels carry most directly the primary God-ordered current that is Love. Even when your life experiences have been challenging, your angels have often helped mitigate the extent of the trouble or damage, and have encouraged the healing forces to come to you more directly and immediately. v To experience your angel, become more like an angel and feel, think, and act increasingly as a conduit for Divine Love.


As you work with the Angelic Messenger Cards you will become more attuned to your intuition and more readily open to the useful guidance available to you for your life. Readers have shared with me of how they seem to draw the exactly the right card at the right time. This will happen for you too. Why? Because when you draw a card you are aligning with your heart’s desire to understand what is best for your life and to receive the greatest guidance to you through the beauty and wisdom of the flowers.

Based on the Angelic Messenger Cards: Divine Guidance for Personal Healing & Spiritual Discovery © 2007 by Meredith Young-Sowers. Printed with permission of New World Library, Novato, CA. or 800-972-6657 ext. 52.

Dr. Young-Sowers is a beloved Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Healer and the bestselling author of Agartha, Wisdom Bowls and the beautiful updated version of The Angelic Messenger Cards. As Executive Director of The Stillpoint School of Integrated Life Healing and The Stillpoint Foundation, she has through her teachings profoundly changed the everyday lives of people all over the world.

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